He Wanted His Biological Daughter to Have Her Own Room, so He Kicked Out His Stepdaughter

A newly married couple and their children from previous marriages had difficulty adjusting during a vacation. The father kicked out his stepdaughter so his biological daughter could have her own room.

An Extended Family

The Original Poster (OP) has three children (10f, 8m, 7m) from a previous marriage, while his wife has one child (12f). They have been married for six months, but all the kids are having a hard time adapting to the new family dynamic. 

The daughter from the previous marriage struggles with not being the oldest or only daughter, while the stepdaughter is possessive of her mother, and both girls are having difficulty sharing.

They recently took their first vacation together, including OP, his wife, the children, and the wife’s sister (23), who lives with them and helps with the kids. 

A Family Vacation

The room arrangements were as follows: OP and his wife stayed in the master bedroom, the sister-in-law slept in the second bedroom with a double bed, the daughter and stepdaughter shared a room with two twin beds, and OP’s sons shared a room with a double bed.

The first night, everything was fine, since they arrived late, everyone crashed immediately. 

On the second night, OP went out with his wife, and upon returning, his sister-in-law informed him that the stepdaughter had slept in her room due to an argument with the daughter. 

Tension Over Sleeping Arrangements

The following night, the stepdaughter told OP that his bio-daughter had kicked her out of their room. 

When OP talked to his daughter, she said she disliked sharing a room and asked the stepdaughter to leave. 

OP recognized this was not a kind request but explained to his stepdaughter that his daughter needed her own space. He suggested she could sleep on the couch or with her aunt. 

The stepdaughter became upset and went to her aunt, who informed OP’s wife of the situation.

Favoring His Own Daughter

His wife was angry with him, accused him of favoring his daughter, and suggested the daughter should have left the room if there was a problem. 

OP believed his daughter was used to having her own room and bed, while the stepdaughter shared a pull-out couch with his wife for five years before moving in. He assumed she would be fine sleeping on the couch for a few days.

His wife and sister-in-law left the vacation early with the stepdaughter and have since ignored OP and his children. 

OP is worried she might be planning to leave for good, as the sister-in-law has been taking extra babysitting jobs, and his wife has started doing odd jobs for cash. 

He is beginning to feel that he made a mistake and wonders if he was wrong for suggesting his stepdaughter sleep on the couch.

What Redditors Said

One Redditor wrote, “They both had a bed. A room with 2 beds. Your daughter could suck it up and share a room since there were 2 beds.”

Another said, “If anyone had been on the couch, it’s your daughter who’s clearly incapable of sharing. If she had the problem, she moves.”

What do you think? Was he playing favorites or trying to peacefully diffuse the situation? Have you been in a situation like this before?

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