He Couldn’t Help His Sister During a Major a Family Emergency Because He Was Adjusting His “Sleeping Pattern”

He said he’d always be there to help with his niece and nephew, but when he was asked to watch them in an emergency, he was busy working on his sleep schedule.

Married With No Children

The Original Poster (OP), a 37-year-old man, and his 33-year-old wife live in a small two-bedroom house, with the second bedroom converted into a game room and office for them. 

They have no children, but OP’s sister and her husband have two kids, an 8-year-old nephew and a 9-year-old niece, whom they love and would do anything for. They have babysat for the children before, without issue until a recent incident.

On Good Friday, April 7th, OP’s sister’s husband received a call that his sister was involved in a near-fatal car accident with two friends and was airlifted to the hospital. 

They were unsure whether she would survive, and family members were called in to say goodbye and support the rest of the family. 

A Medical Emergency

OP’s sister texted OP around 10:40 pm that night, asking if he was awake, and then called to explain the situation. She then asked if he and his wife could babysit the kids over the Easter weekend while they traveled across the state to be with her husband’s family.

OP explained he couldn’t because he worked a rotary shift at a steel manufacturing plant and would start overnight shifts the following Monday. He planned to sleep during the day on Saturday and Sunday to get used to the new schedule. 

He Couldn’t Help With Babysitting

When the sister asked if his wife would be willing to babysit, he again said no, because she would be doing Easter stuff with her side of the family. 

When she asked why he couldn’t sleep in on Sunday or why his wife couldn’t take the kids with her to Easter stuff, he responded angrily that he had given her three reasons why not. 

He wanted the weekend to adjust his sleeping schedule. His wife wanted to spend time with her family, and by no means no.

He Wasn’t Helpful in Her Time of Need

OP’s sister became angry and called him names for not taking their tragedy to heart and not helping them in their time of need. 

She said it wouldn’t have hurt him or his wife to miss a day of sleep or take the kids with her. 

Her husband was also angry and said he hoped they never had an emergency and needed his help, because he would say no and want to sleep in. 

OP hasn’t responded, and they are not currently speaking. He wonders if he was wrong for refusing to babysit the kids in their time of need, especially since he loves them so much.

Readers Respond

One reader explained, “It was a family emergency and his sister was nearly killed, but heaven forbid you should lose a little sleep or your wife has to include some children in her Easter plans.”

Another wrote, “He “would do anything for them” except inconvenience himself or his wife in the slightest. What a guy.”

What do you think? Was he wrong for not taking this situation seriously? Has something like this ever happened to you?

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