He Received an Email From ‘Tom Hanks’ – Is It a Scam or Actually a Gift From the Man Himself!

Ian McAndrew, owner of Iron Fox Typewriters in Lacey Township, recently received a surprise email from ‘Tom Hanks.’ Is it a scam?

A Suspicious Email

At first, he thought it was just another suspicious scam mail, the type that often ends up in the spam folder. However, this email turned out to be from Tom Hanks’ assistant who informed that Hanks wanted to send a special gift.

According to McAndrew, “an email like this would typically be highly suspect, the analog nerd’s take on the ‘Nigerian prince’ scam.” However, a friend who had also received this email and their own mystery box confirmed the veracity that the email was real and from Tom Hanks.

Who Knew Tom Loved a Typewriter?!

Hanks gave McAndrew, 41, a 1934 Underwood Four Bank typewriter. Tom Hanks, the Oscar-winning actor who enjoys collecting typewriters, has a personal collection of 250 of them. It turns out he has given typewriters from his collection to owners of typewriter repair shops all around the country.

On April 17, the typewriter was delivered. What Ian discovered were a brand-new, Playtone-branded green and yellow golf shammy typewriter, a prepared template letter describing the gift’s nature, and Hank’s motivation. Hanks signed a letter and placed it neatly into a coordinating green envelope.

A Gamut of Emotions

In actuality, McAndrew is a huge fan of the Underwood Four Bank and even used that stunning piece of art to inspire the design of his upcoming tattoo. According to McAndrew, “I spent the next week and a half running through a gamut of emotions: joy, anxiety, pride, and imposter syndrome” between accepting the offer and getting the typewriter. It’s difficult to put into words just how I felt as I undid the box flaps.”

The typewriter, according to McAndrew, was an earthy shade of green that was shiny. The next items to capture the light were the silver-plated key rings, which, according to McAndrew, “glowed blindingly like polished aluminum on an airplane, not dull and evident of its time on this earth.”

A Spiritual Quest

He often referred to his work evenings as typewriter church and made light of the fact that he saw typewriter repair as a spiritual quest. According to McAndrew, his clients include both folks trying to restore a family treasure and those who just happened to find a typewriter at a garage sale.

According to McAndrew, “Sometimes it’s a street poet in New York City, and other times it’s a couple looking for the ideal machine to help write a book memorializing the daughter they lost and trying to help other parents with their grief.”

A Great Equalizer

Without a computer or the distractions that come with a connected device, McAndrew said he enjoys seeing people go through the creative process. He went on to say you’ve sat down in front of the great equalizer when you sit down in front of a typewriter, he said. “You’re not creating at the will of the algorithm, you are the algorithm,” he said.

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