He Offended His Grandma by Not Accepting Her Gift, It Wasn’t What He Wanted

Receiving gifts isn’t always an enjoyable experience. It can be a source of stress and anxiety for some. One Reddit user recently shared their experience of receiving a gift that they didn’t like and the fallout that followed.

His Grandma’s Birthday Lasagna

The Original Poster (OP) celebrated his birthday recently, and his grandmother made lasagna for him on his birthday, as she does every year.

For OP that was sufficient and he had no need to get anything material or of the sort.

However, his grandmother had got him a cell phone.

She Also Got Him a Present

While the phone was of good quality, OP did not like it because it did not come with headphones, and he preferred wired headphones over AirPods.

OP also mentioned that he spends a lot of time listening to music and watching videos and that the idea of having to recharge the headphones was a big no for him.

OP expressed his gratitude to his grandma and gave her the details of why he declined it, and even apologized for everything.

He Declined to Accept the Gift

OP mentions that his grandmother could have returned the phone and purchased something she wanted with the money, but she just said she couldn’t, and everyone from home started to treat OP badly.

OP’s mother, who was with him at the time, began calling him names and saying that OP never liked anything his family buys for him.

OP apologized once more and suggested to his grandmother to refund the phone and buy something for herself.

OP texted his brother for advice, but he didn’t respond to anything OP had to say.

His brother was rude to OP, and OP blocked him on WhatsApp since he was on the verge of a breakdown.

He Was on the Verge of a Breakdown

OP was crying when his brother arrived at their house. Before he began the sermon on how OP was bad for not accepting the gift, OP said, “I know grandma wanted to make a surprise for me, but it never ends well, you all buy things thinking about your personal tastes, and then actually give them to me and I don’t like them you guys get mad at me.”

OP then returned to his room and cried.

OP didn’t get much sleep because he was so sad, and the next morning the situation became worse when OP overheard his mother discussing with his grandmother that they would give his birthday cake to her mother-in-law as a way of punishing OP for not accepting the cell phone.

They Don’t Know What He Wants

OP says that his mom doesn’t really know what he likes and even the cake doesn’t have OP’s favorite flavor, texture, or sprinkles.

Knowing that OP’s mother is planning to use the cake as retaliation made OP feel worthless.

OP was hurt by this and felt like a garbage human being.

He took to Reddit to ask whether he was wrong for what he did and several Redditors said that OP was wrong.

Just Be Grateful, Simple

One Redditor wrote, “You act grateful. Then work it out later. That’s basic gift-giving. Young kids know this. You blocked your brother when he didn’t help you because he wasn’t there and likely, and wisely, didn’t want to get involved in a mess he didn’t witness and has no role in. When you reject gifts and act ungrateful, no one wants to give you a cake.”

Another Reddit user commented that they would never do that to their grandparents and that OP should apologize.

A third Redditor pointed out, “iPhones can still use wired headphones. You don’t have to use AirPods. They have wired headphones that use the charging port and adapters if you want to use different headphones. But yeah, just say thank you when someone does something nice.”

What is your opinion? What would you do if you were in OP’s situation?

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