His Girlfriend of 6 Years Wasn’t Invited to His Best Friend’s Wedding, so He Decided Not to Attend

A recent Reddit post tells the story of how an old friendship fell apart after this man stood up for himself against an outdated wedding rule.

He Was Invited to the Wedding

The story revolves around the Original Poster (OP), a man who was invited to his childhood best friend Brad’s wedding, only to discover that his girlfriend Mary was not included in the guest list. 

When he confronted Brad about his girlfriend’s exclusion, he was told that Vicky, Brad’s fiancée, had enforced a “no ring, no bring” rule, excluding non-engaged partners. 

Despite voicing his disappointment, OP ultimately decided to attend the wedding alone, albeit with a heavy heart.

No Ring, No Bring Policy

The situation escalated when Vicky, the bride-to-be, called to apologize for not inviting Mary and went on to belittle the couple’s relationship. 

She insinuated that OP and Mary’s relationship was not serious because they had not gotten engaged after six years of being together.

 In response, OP expressed his displeasure with Vicky’s comments, which eventually led to him declining the wedding invitation altogether.

He Opted Out of the Wedding

The decision to opt out of the wedding led to a significant fallout, with the couple accusing OP of disrespect and putting his relationship with Mary above their special day. 

On the other hand, OP felt that their decision to enforce such a rule was a way to shame and micromanage couples who, for whatever reason, had not yet engaged.

OP’s story resonated with many Redditors, with opinions divided between those who thought he was justified in his decision and those who believed he had overreacted.

His dilemma highlights an all-too-familiar situation where a strict wedding guest list policy can lead to hurt feelings and fractured relationships.

What Redditors Said

One user observed “No ring, no bring” is stupid and outdated. It usually comes from A) religion, or B) a feeling of superiority (usually rooted in self-consciousness) that your relationship must be “better” because of a title.”

Another said, “Sounds like Vicky is jealous or has something against your girlfriend. That rule doesn’t make sense, and her additional comments over the phone were unnecessary.”

What do you think? Is this how you cut down costs at a wedding, or is there a better way to go about it? Have you ever been to a wedding like this?

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