He Wants His Parents to Pay Him to Mow the Lawn on His College Break, They’ve Been Paying His Younger Sister to Do It

This guy took to Reddit to ask whether he was in the wrong for refusing to mow the lawn without being paid. Here’s the full story.

Living With His Parents for the Summer

The Original Poster (OP) is a 20-year-old who resides with his parents when he’s not away at college.

His parents informed him that they anticipate his help around the house while he’s home for the summer. The tasks included dishwasher duties, shared bathroom cleaning, and occasional vacuuming, which OP accepted without hesitation.

He Shares Cleaning Duties With His 16-Year-Old Sister

OP occasionally dusts, empties the dishwasher a few times per week, and divides cleaning duties for the bathroom with his 16-year-old sister.

However, his father informed him that OP was also expected to mow the lawn once a week during his three-month stay.

OP said he’d normally be okay with this, but after asking about it, OP learned a few things, including the fact that he wouldn’t be paid for weekly lawn mowing.

He Wants to Be Paid for the Lawn Mowing

OP mentioned that his parents pay his sister to mow the rest of the year.

OP’s parents claimed that OP can be helpful by doing them this favor because OP doesn’t have much else to do around the house.

Usually, OP wouldn’t argue with them, but on this occasion, OP was upset and asked that they pay him for a number of reasons.

He Has Allergies

Firstly, OP revealed that he has a severe grass allergy, causing significant discomfort, such as itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, and hives. In contrast, his father and sister have milder allergies or no allergies at all.

OP mentioned that it’s so awful that OP has to wear long sleeves, slacks, and a medical mask if he doesn’t want to spend the next few days covered in hives and extreme itch.

Plus, OP and his entire family have full-time jobs.

OP’s dad works in an office, his mom is a part-time nurse, his sister is a lifeguard, and OP works with children and campers at the YMCA.

He Doesn’t Have the Time

So OP told them he doesn’t exactly have a day at home to be free.

Finally, since his sister is paid for mowing during the academic year and would be paid to do it during the summer, OP mentioned he should be compensated as well.

His Sister Is Paid for the Same Job

But, his parents said that since OP was living under their roof, OP should just accept it, say “yes ma’am” and “yes sir,” and follow their instructions as well because this is how the real world operates, and life isn’t always fair.

OP got angry and informed them that he wouldn’t mow unless they paid him and locked himself in his room.

OP went on to mention that he pays for his own breakfast, snacks, and medicines. He only eats dinner with the family if there is a family event. 

So OP asked Reddit whether he was wrong for asking his parents to pay. Redditors were split in their views.

What’s Good for One…

Several Redditors supported OP and said that as he has a significant allergic reaction, and the parents pay his sister, they should pay OP.

But another Redditor disagreed and wrote, “Your parents clearly said there isn’t much for you to do chore-wise. I too wear full sleeves and a mask when mowing- you’re describing it as if it is a big problem, it isn’t. You live rent-free for only soaping a few dishes? You can mow the lawn.”

Another Redditor pointed out that his parents are right and “sometimes life isn’t fair. If you don’t like it, move out.”

So what do you think? What would you have done if you were in OP’s situation?

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