He Saw 16 Cars Parked on His Land So He Took The Perfect Revenge to Teach Them All a Lesson

A man took to Reddit and reminisced about when he took revenge on people who parked in his private parking spaces.

A Long Time Ago

Twenty years ago, the Original Poster’s (OP) family owned two apartment buildings, each containing three units in the suburbs of Chicago.

Two were the family’s homes, while the tenants rented the others. But alas, only some units came with a parking spot.

Houses filled the streets, and drivers quickly claimed the scarce parking spots.

However, OP’s family had more land than their neighbors, and they had managed to create parking for sixteen cars. For decades, this had been enough.

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Uninvited Guests in Their Parking Lot

But then, the unthinkable happened. Cars started appearing in their lot, cars that did not belong to their tenants.

One day, the family blocked one of these cars in, only for the A**Hole driver to plow through their bushes and yard to escape!

OP would sometimes call the cops, but they were powerless to assist. So, the family hired a tow company and erected signs warning unauthorized cars would be towed.

The signs worked, and the parking lot remained clear of unwelcome guests.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

That is, until the fateful New Year’s Eve when OP’s family returned home to find every spot filled.

Cars were even blocking other vehicles on the streets. The family was outraged, so they called the tow company, but they were too busy to help.

Winter air was bitter cold in Chicago, so the family hatched a plan. They dug out their lawn sprinklers and hoses and ran hot water through them so they wouldn’t freeze.

And for nearly five hours, they moved the sprinklers every half-hour, encasing every car, every inch of the parking lot, and the street in ice.

The family was not content with just the ice. They sprayed it in the locks, between the window seals and glass, and in the grills. They put away the sprinklers and hoses and then went to bed, content with their revenge.

The Grand Finale

But at 4 am, they were awoken by furious pounding on their doors and non-stop ringing of their doorbells. The family smiled.

The people claimed a “friend” who owned an apartment several buildings away had told them to park there. It turned out it was the same idiot who drove over their bushes.

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The family pointed to the tow sign and told the people to move their cars or get towed.

In their town, the cops could ticket on private property with the owner’s permission, so all the cars were ticketed and towed. Oh, how they wished they had caught it all on video.

The family had gotten their revenge, and justice had been served. The only sound that filled the air was the laughter of the cops, who found the whole situation quite amusing.

What Did Redditors Have to Say?

Redditors found this “pro-revenge” amusing to say the least. Witch36 wrote, “As someone who understands Chicago parking and winters this is amazing.”

Another user said, “It’s a shame the people got ticketed rather than the person who told them to park there.”

A few people didn’t agree with OP’s actions. One user responded, “Why did you do that? Many likely parked there for the first time, for an NYE party, and perhaps hurt no one. Did you steal Christmas the following year?”

Was OP being a Grinch about his unused parking spaces? Did the party-goes get what they deserved? What would you have done? 

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