After a Nightmare Customer Tried to Tell Him How to Pack the Bags, He Showed Her by Following Her Instructions. And the Bag of “Revenge” Went Everywhere!

This tale of malicious compliance will speak to a lot of retail workers. It’s a great story and involves revenge on a customer that was trying this guy’s patience.

Working in Retail

The original poster (OP) has been working as a minimum-wage cashier at a discount store for over a year and a half. He has seen countless people who think they know his job better than him due to their lack of experience.

However, he always shuts down such people in the classic corporate happy-public service employee way, not leaving any room for arguing. But he never lets anyone do anything stupid, like walk out with a bag that is too heavy or leave without taking their receipt if it looks like they might want to return the items.

On the day of this story, it was a Saturday – so it was busy – OP had to deal with people taking forever to consider their impulse buys while he waited at the register.

A Nightmare Customer

This one woman was particularly annoying. A nightmare customer – she kept leaving the register to browse the store (which caused a huge queue to form), took forever to consider impulse buys, and then lectured him on how to do his job!

He was stuck in limbo, waiting for her to come back, unable to serve other customers. Until she finally returned.

She had a lot of larger but lightweight items, with some smaller items like bags of candy and socks. OP got half of it in one large bag and was going to fit the other half in another large bag.

When he went to get the second bag, he handed her the first one, and she went, “No, I don’t want a lot of bags. You can fit the rest in there; it’s fine. You should ask before getting more bags. It’s your job to do things how the customers want and ask. Otherwise, you should just know to do one bag if you can. It’s wasteful. I only want one bag.”

He thought to himself, “Wow, it sounds like she’s never done retail a day in her life. She must know what she’s doing!”

She Demanded He Follows Her Wishes

The woman had a few heavier items, including glass jars of sauces with lots of pigment and staining properties. She was also getting some chips that came in bags with pointy sharper edges that eat bags for breakfast.

The bags get too heavy, and they press into the sides at any angle, and the bag is toast. She also made a point of bragging about getting several white clothes made of very stainable material for an important party she had to go to that night.

Normally, OP would double bag, which would keep the sharp corners in check. But the woman insisted on only one bag, so he got the glass jars in with the clothes, nested in there nicely spaced out where they wouldn’t hit each other with clothes between them, and the bags on the top spread around the top so it was easier to lift the bag just like she wanted.

However, that dang bag was already looking like it would bust wide open any second when she took it from the counter.

Set Up For Failure

OP watched as she struggled out the two non-automatic front doors and got 1/4 of the way to her car when the bag burst! Glass and sauce went everywhere, and she lost about $15 worth of jars.

She struggled to force them back into the bag, hoping she could at least pile them in her arms with the bag holding it together, trying not to cut herself on the glass she had wrapped up.

It broke some more. She tried to salvage it and balance it back up. She failed, gave up, grabbed as much of an armful as she could, and had to take five trips to and from her car! The sauce ruined her blouse and pants.

OP couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. It was about time he had the upper hand in a situation like this.

Malicious Compliance

He had dealt with countless customers who thought they knew his job better than him, and he had always let them have their way, but not this time.

He had followed the woman’s instructions to the letter, and the outcome was exactly what he had predicted – a perfect tale of malicious compliance.

He knew he had played a small part in her downfall, and it made a hard day that he had hated a little bit more bearable.

Reddit users loved his story. One user said, “I love malicious compliance against customers in retail. Some customers are literally the bain of my existence so this brought so much joy since I personally haven’t had a chance for a ‘customer is always right’ moment yet”

What do you think about his tale of revenge? Should he have gone to help her when her bag burst?

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