He Thinks Because He Earns More Money He Doesn’t Have to Do Household Chores, He’s Since Been Shown the Error of His Ways!

A man posted on Reddit because he thought contributing more money to the relationship meant no needing to do the housework.

He Has a Well Paying Job

The Original Poster (OP) is a 24-year-old man who works for a highly esteemed company. He has found himself in a challenging situation with his girlfriend, who is 23 years old. 

They both decided to move to a different state due to his job, but things have not gone smoothly for his girlfriend. She found herself in a toxic work environment with a boss who displayed unprofessional work behavior. 

Eventually, she was able to secure a new job, but it pays significantly less than her previous one. As a result, she has requested her boyfriend take on most rent payments.

Assigning Chores

Since moving, his girlfriend has taken on most cleaning duties in the apartment. OP does contribute by occasionally doing the dishes and washing the laundry, with his girlfriend folding them. 

His girlfriend is the only one who cleans the bathroom, kitchen, and floors. This arrangement worked well until recently, when OP refused to vacuum the living room, claiming he did not know where the vacuum cleaner was.

Since then, his girlfriend has repeatedly asked OP to do more housework. He believes that because he contributes more financially, his girlfriend should be responsible for keeping the apartment clean.

He Thinks Contributing More Money is Enough

He argues that he already does the dishes occasionally and carries out other tasks she requests. 

Although he has increased the frequency of doing the dishes since their argument, his girlfriend still leaves other cleaning tasks for him to do without notifying him. 

She becomes angry when he fails to complete them, claiming he should know what needs to be done without her asking.

OP is exhausted after work and wants to relax or finish his own work, while his girlfriend has a less demanding job than his. While they work the same hours, her work is not as draining as his. 

Although she contributes to groceries and his gas expenses, OP still believes his financial contribution is enough to exempt him from doing housework.

What Redditors Said

A flabbergasted user wrote, “Her making less salary does not make her your indentured servant.”

Another scolded, “She works the same amount of hours as you. Just because you pay more doesn’t mean you get to dip out of physically contributing to the upkeep or cleanliness of the home.”

Where They Are Now

Despite his arguments, OP recognizes he has been unfair to his girlfriend. He has come to the realization that he has made a mistake in thinking that paying more rent absolves him from doing household chores. 

He acknowledges his girlfriend has tried to talk to him about the situation, but he has not been receptive. He loves her and values their relationship and now understands that he has done a terrible job of showing it.

What do you think? Does contributing more financially exempt you from doing other things around the house? Is this a good arrangement? 

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