He Called Out a Woman for Not Respecting the Rules of Saved-Seats at the Cinema, Then Gave Her a Taste of Her Own Medicine!

There’s nothing worse than encountering a rude moviegoer! They’re annoying and can ruin your entire viewing experience. That’s why this guy’s story of petty revenge on a rude woman at the movies is so enjoyable! He did what many others can’t and lived to tell the tale!

A New Blockbuster

Our storyteller, DC, had been looking forward to seeing the latest Marvel movie on opening day with his friends for weeks. They had planned to meet up early, get a good spot in line, and grab some seats together.

The movie theatre they had chosen didn’t have assigned seating at the time, so getting there early was essential to getting the best seats in the house.

On the day of the movie, DC and his friends arrived at the theatre with plenty of time to spare. They chatted with the employees and fellow moviegoers as they waited for the doors to open. When the theatre finally opened, DC and his friends made a beeline for the best seats in the house, right in the middle of the theatre.

They Arrived Early

DC and his friends arrived at the perfect time, and they were able to “reserve” their seats with their jackets. DC decided to take the above-center seat to ward off any seat pirates while his friends went to get popcorn and drinks.

As the theatre began to fill up, DC watched as people shuffled in and tried to find seats. Suddenly, a woman in an ugly red hat and her three kids approached the row where DC and his friends had reserved seats.

Seat Pirates!

The woman picked up DC’s friends’ coats and started to move them to the end of the row. DC spoke up, “Excuse me, those are taken.” The woman responded rudely, “Mind your business,” as she dumped DC’s friends’ coats on the end of the row and put her kids’ jackets down in the middle seats.

DC was stunned. He had never encountered such rudeness before, especially not in a movie theatre. He looked around at the other patrons, hoping for some backup, but no one seemed to want to get involved.

The woman and her kids left to get some popcorn, and DC quickly took action. He grabbed the woman’s coats, ran to the front of the theatre, and put them in the worst seats imaginable – front row and to the far right. DC then returned his friends’ coats to their proper places and waited for the woman to return.

He Gave Her a Taste of Her Medicine

When the woman came back and saw that DC’s friends were sitting in the seats she had wanted, she started to fume. DC pointed to the front row and said, “Your coats are down there.” The woman stormed out, and DC’s friends came back to find DC still fuming about what had just happened.

DC told his friends what had happened, and they all laughed, saying that if it had been them, things would have ended differently. However, DC was relieved that he didn’t have to face the horrible woman alone.

Shortly after, the woman came back with the manager and began to complain loudly about DC and his friends taking her seats. DC excused himself from his friends to go listen closer as the lights dimmed for the previews.

She Called the Manager

The manager, who had seen DC and his friends several times while they were in line, stopped the woman in the middle of her rant and said, “These guys have been here for hours. If you moved their coats and they moved them back, that’s on you. Now take your seat – the movie’s starting.”

The woman begrudgingly sat in the seats at the front of the theatre because people had filled all the other seats. DC and his friends were able to enjoy the movie without any more interruptions, but every time there was a solar flare or bright flash on the screen, DC could see the woman in her stupid hat with her kids staring up at the screen at an ungodly angle.

She left as soon as the credits hit, and DC and his friends had a good laugh about it afterward. They couldn’t believe the nerve of some people and were glad they had taken matters into their own hands.

They Had a Good Laugh

As they left the theater, DC couldn’t help but think about how sore the woman’s neck must be from having to crane it up the whole time. He smirked to himself, feeling a sense of satisfaction in knowing that they had gotten their petty revenge on the seat-stealing woman.

They never saw the woman with the ugly red hat again, but they always remembered her.

Redditors enjoyed this man’s tale of petty revenge. One user said, “So your jackets can’t reserve seats, but hers can?? I can understand if she moved the coats and then sat down but to place hers down, leave the theatre and expect the seats to be empty upon her return is mind-boggling.”

What do you think of his petty revenge? Have you ever had an incident at the movies?

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