He Didn’t Trust His Boss, so He Stockpiled Evidence. He Was Right and the Evidence Saved Him in the End

Brace yourself for a captivating tale of resilience and retribution as Zak fights to expose the true nature of his boss and reclaim what is rightfully his.

He Got a New Job

It was last year when Zak found himself in a peculiar situation. Despite lacking the qualifications for a clerical job he applied for, he surprisingly secured the position. The company claimed they urgently needed someone to fill a supervisory role, but in reality, Zak was nothing more than a glorified clerk. Hindsight would reveal the red flags he failed to notice from the beginning.

On his first day, Zak arrived at an office devoid of life. Empty cubicles and desolate hallways greeted him, painting a bleak picture of the work environment. Then, the moment arrived when he encountered the person responsible for his plight—Big Man.

An Arrogant Manager

Rotund and far from lovable, this crass individual exuded an air of arrogance and immaturity. Big Man was the type who would change lanes without signaling and hurl profanities at anyone who dared honk at him. While he maintained a facade of civility in front of clients within the confines of the office, he reveled in belittling others. He embodied the epitome of a “throw you under the bus” kind of person.

Ironically, Big Man’s title seemed to be in name only, as his actions revealed a complete lack of competence. Zak often found himself questioning whether Big Man had any idea what he was doing. Sometimes it seemed as though Big Man didn’t even know what he wanted.

A simple quote could undergo 30 revisions merely because he didn’t like the way a sentence was constructed or because he whimsically decided to add or remove zeros. Zak got instructed to type exactly as he dictated, yet Big Man criticized him for following instructions when he’d forgotten his own requests!

He Becamse His Punching Bag

It became increasingly apparent that Big Man’s outbursts stemmed from unrelated frustrations, using Zak as a convenient punching bag.

Determined to protect himself from further verbal assaults and document Big Man’s erratic behavior, Zak began discreetly recording voice notes whenever his boss was present or during phone conversations. This was his insurance against Big Man’s unpredictable nature, ensuring he had evidence of his boss’s stupidity and hostility.

After working diligently for six months, Zak’s world came crashing down when Big Man walked into the office and handed him a termination notice. Big Man reassured Zak that he would receive payment for the two weeks he had worked and that the money would be in his hands by the end of the week.

He Was Fired and Promised His Final Pay

However, as the week drew to a close, Zak realized he had yet to receive his hard-earned wages. When he confronted Big Man about it, his response only added insult to injury.

“I told you I would pay, and I will. You’ll get your damn money in due time,” Big Man retorted callously.

Fuelled by anger and a sense of injustice, Zak changed Big Man’s name to “Pig” in his contacts. If someone looked like a pig and acted like one, then they deserved the name. What infuriated Zak further was the knowledge that Big Man had recently enjoyed a lavish dinner and a vacation with his family, paid for by a client’s payment for a previous job.

Meanwhile, Zak’s two weeks’ worth of wages remained unpaid. It was in this moment of fury that Zak made a critical mistake—he neglected to log out of WhatsApp on the company laptop, unknowingly leaving behind a digital footprint.

Weeks turned into a month, and Zak contemplated filing a formal complaint with the labor office, as labor laws in his country deemed non-payment of salaries within a month to be actionable. Yet, he decided to give Big Man one final opportunity to do the right thing. What came next was an unexpected turn of events. To his surprise, Big Man responded with a video, attempting to paint himself as the benevolent provider while berating Zak for his ingratitude.

Her Fired Off the Evidence

Unfazed by Big Man’s manipulative tactics, Zak retaliated with a voice note exposing Big Man’s true colors—a recording in which he had referred to Zak as a “[jerk].” Armed with this damning evidence, Zak finally received his long-overdue payment by the end of the week!

This tale serves as a reminder that no one should tolerate mistreatment or accept unfair circumstances without putting up a fight. Zak’s decision to gather evidence and confront Big Man may have been fueled by frustration, but it also showcases the importance of standing up for oneself in the face of adversity. By refusing to be a passive victim, Zak reclaimed his dignity and forced Big Man to face the consequences of his actions.

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