He Thought His Wife Couldn’t Handle The Pressure From Work So He Spoke to Her Boss, This Made Her Mad

A concerned Reddit user shared a story about how he confronted his wife’s boss without her knowledge to try and ease her workload and asked if he was an a**hole for what he did.

The Original Poster (OP) started by narrating that his wife had been working 10-14 hours sitting behind her computer every day for the past 2-3 weeks and even during the weekends.

According to the OP, his wife had worked 100+ hours a week, and she had worked weekends and vacations the whole year.

The OP continued that his wife couldn’t even take days off during holidays and has been complaining about her work and how she wanted to quit.

The OP noted how his wife bemoaned working so hard without any break, and sometimes she cried about it. He further explained how he was walking on eggshells and doing what he could to alleviate the stress.

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After one of her days working through the weekends, OP’s wife started complaining about how the people she worked with were messing her up and how she couldn’t take it anymore.

Her latest complaint got on OP’s nerves, and he decided to speak to his wife’s boss about the issue.

According to the OP, they work at the same company, and he and his wife’s boss are a bit friendly with one another.

Nonetheless, OP texted her boss and explained how there are limits to what humans can endure and asked if he could prevent his wife from working extreme hours the following year. The boss agreed with OP and promised to try his best to help.

After speaking with OP, the boss talked to his wife about their conversation and how OP texted him to complain about her workload.

Afterward, OP’s wife confronted her husband about his actions and how texting her boss to say she couldn’t handle her job was highly misogynistic. 

OP’s wife also explained how his actions might negatively impact her career and that she would not trust him with any information about her work or how she feels ever again.

OP then asked for people’s thoughts about his actions and if he crossed a line and was an a**hole for talking to her boss.

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Following OP’s post, several Reddit users took to the comment section to give their take on the matter. However, many of them faulted his actions, including Reddit user u/bookagnostic whose opinion had the most votes:

“YTA (You’re The A**Hole) I don’t know what field your wife works in, but women often have to fight a lot harder for promotions and raises than men do…What you did is essentially tell her boss that she cannot handle the workload and it’s not your place to do that even a little bit.”

Another user u/brookleinneinnein noted: “Let’s be honest; he might have single-handedly tanked her career at this office. And depending on her industry and how small/specialized it is he may have completely killed her career.”

Meanwhile, another user remarked, “YTA. The 1950’s called and they need you back. How could you possibly think this is okay? Not only are you an AH, you violated your wife’s trust and a sacred confidence. Things aren’t looking good for you here. You could cost her her job at the worst and any future promotions or raises for the future. Wow.”

What do you think about the story? Was OP’s attempts to solve his wife’s office problems wrong? Or did he make it worse by texting her boss?

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