He Told His Lazy Kids to Get Real Jobs Because He Wasn’t Leaving Them Anything!

A middle-aged widower recently shared his plans to not leave anything in his will to his adult son and daughter. He questions their life choices and doesn’t want them to wait for his money. This is the full story.

Two Grown Children

OP is a 57-year-old man whose wife died several years ago. He has a 30-year-old son and a 27–year-old daughter.

OP’s son works part-time at a fast-food restaurant and spends the rest of his time gaming. He plans to make a career as a streamer.

On the other hand, his daughter considers herself an influencer, although she doesn’t bring in an income from her online activities. Instead, her live-in boyfriend works to support the two of them.

Wasting Their Lives

OP thinks that his kids are wasting their lives, and he’s argued with them about their career choices in the past. But they’re adults, and he pretty much lets them make their own decisions.

He also helps them out financially from time to time, mostly by buying them groceries. He’s made a pretty good living over the years, but he’s not wealthy.

One Christmas during the pandemic, the three of them got together over Zoom, and the subject turned to his late wife.

They Asked if There Mom Had Left Them Money

The kids wanted to know if their mother had left them anything when she died. OP told them that she died before ever writing a will.

They had been a two-income family when she passed away, and she hadn’t left much behind at all. The little bit of money there left over after the funeral was gone within a year, eaten up by the family’s living expenses.

That’s when OP’s son cracked a joke to lighten the mood, saying that his dad would make up for it when he passed.

OP asked what his son meant by that, and that’s when he found out the kid wasn’t kidding at all.

They Were Waiting for His Money

The young man said that since his father was rich, the kids were in line to inherit a lot of money when he died. That’s when things got heated.

OP reminded his son and daughter that he was no fan of how they lived and thought they should get “real” jobs. 

He told his son that his part-time job wasn’t going to keep a roof over his head, and it definitely wouldn’t cut the mustard if he ever decided to have a family of his own.

And he told his daughter that if she wanted to sit around and take pictures of herself all day long, she should get a modeling job. He also said she’d be sunk if her boyfriend ever got tired of supporting her.

Then he dropped the real bomb and probably ruined Christmas.

He Wasn’t Going to Leave Them Anything

He wasn’t going to leave anything to them when he died. They needed to make their own money if they wanted the finer things in life.

His bottom line on the subject was, “The bank of Dad will be forever closed when Dad is forever closed.”

No surprise, his son and daughter were livid. A huge argument broke out, and the kids called OP manipulative and unsupportive.

He stood his ground and repeated that they needed to make their own way in the world. Eventually, his son went silent, then Zoomed out. His daughter called him a jerk and did the same.

They Needed to Make Their Own Way

In the weeks that followed, neither kid called their dad, and neither would return his calls. OP is afraid he may have ruined those relationships forever.

A lot of Redditors support OP’s position, saying that his kids are way past the point of getting their act together. They shouldn’t be counting on Dad’s death to save their finances.

While still agreeing with that basic idea, others point the finger at OP for letting it get to this point. Some of them also accuse him of bad parenting while the kids were growing up.

So what do you think of this story? Is OP right for not leaving any money to his kids? And was it OK to drop it on them during Christmas, or should he have told them his plans some other time?

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