He Was Disgusted His Airbnb Room Came With a Bedside TOILET – Eww!

Imagine booking an Airbnb accommodation in a foreign city, excited to explore new surroundings and experience a comfortable stay. However, upon arrival, you find yourself faced with a peculiar situation. Here’s what happened.


David Holtz, an assistant professor at the University of California, took to Twitter to share his disbelief, posting a photo of the unusual Airbnb setup during his visit to London.

The image revealed a bed positioned just inches away from a toilet, with a pane of glass separating the two to protect the bed from potential splashes.

To add to the peculiar arrangement, there was also a sink conveniently placed at the end of the bed.

The compact room even featured a small shower cubicle, leaving little doubt that the whole space was primarily designed for bathroom use.

He Needed a Resolution

In his tweet, Holtz expressed his surprise at discovering that his Airbnb accommodation was essentially a “large-ish bathroom” with a bed hastily added.

He mentioned that there were no reviews available for the listing at the time of booking, suggesting that he had been unaware of the unusual setup.

Seeking a resolution, he reached out to Airbnb customer support, hoping for a swift resolution to his predicament.

Tweet Gained Traction

However, he claimed to have received little assistance, leaving him frustrated and questioning whether a different outcome could be expected.

He wrote, “I already spoke to customer support multiple times and every customer support advocate I’ve interacted with has had no interest in helping resolve the issue. Can I expect a different outcome this time?”

The tweet quickly gained traction, resonating with millions of social media users worldwide.

Sparked Humor

With over 11 million views and more than 137,000 likes, the bizarre scenario sparked an avalanche of humorous comments.

Some users coined terms like “Airbnpee” to describe the unexpected room layout, while others made light of the convenience of having all amenities within arm’s reach.

In response to the incident, an Airbnb spokesperson stated that their customer service team had been in contact with Holtz to provide support.

The spokesperson emphasized the importance of reviewing all available information, including photos, descriptions, and previous guest reviews, before finalizing a booking.

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