He Was So Weirdly Obsessed With “Helping” a Younger Student in His Cooking Class, He Freaked Her Out

A man took to Reddit to ask if he was in the wrong for telling members of his cooking class not to eat bad food. Redditors offered their opinion and were not on this guy’s side!

An Adult Education Cooking Class

The Original Poster (OP), a 46-year-old man, has been taking an adult education cooking class for beginner cooks. Despite his extensive experience in the kitchen, he was excited to learn proper gourmet techniques.

The class contains people who cook occasionally, but there’s one particular young woman in her 20s who says she barely cooks at all. During the first class, the teacher asked the students to state their skill level and what they hoped to get out of the class.

The girl said that her family never cooked, and she always thought cooking was a stressful activity, but she wanted to make it a fun activity. OP thought that was a great mindset, but unfortunately, it seemed that not everyone in the class shared that same goal.

She Wanted to Cook for Fun

In the first class, OP noticed that the girl had the burner on far too low for her soup. He turned it up for her and explained that food wouldn’t cook unless it’s hot (he says that “she didn’t seem to know”).

He also brought over all of her ingredients so she wouldn’t have to run around panicking when it came time to blend in her herbs. The girl thanked him but moved her ingredients further down the table away from OP. He thought it was rude but didn’t dwell on it.

In the next class, the girl was supposed to be melting chocolate, which is one of the easiest things to do. OP noticed that her chocolate was starting to melt in the pot but that she was getting a drink from her water bottle.

He immediately turned her burner down and called her over, just to explain how food sometimes needs to be watched, and things can happen very quickly. Again, the girl was moody and rude.

He Was Being Overly Helpful

Finally, in their third class, their teacher put the girl in charge of the entree. Up until now, she had been making appetizers and desserts, which people in the class could choose to eat or ignore. But it’s expected that everyone will at least try the entree.

OP was really concerned for his classmates, and he didn’t want anyone to get sick or eat something disgusting. While they were cooking and serving themselves the different courses, he hovered around the entree and tried to make casual comments like “That doesn’t look completely fresh to me” and asked her what help she needed.

The main course was fish, and OP didn’t think that an inexperienced cook like her could safely serve the dish to everyone else.

So before eating, at the end of each class, the instructor asked the students what they learned from that day. OP was already frustrated from dealing with this girl who could barely cook at all, so he answered honestly, “Don’t trust someone who can’t even boil soup to bake a salmon!”

He Threw Her Under the Bus

Most people chuckled, but the girl got upset, and some folks came up to OP afterward and said that he should have given her food a chance.

However, OP disagreed because he believed people could actually get sick from eating bad cooking, and this girl shouldn’t have agreed to cook for everyone if she was this poorly skilled. OP couldn’t understand why the young woman was so upset. He was only trying to help and ensure the safety of his classmates.

In OP’s opinion, the girl was not only inexperienced, but she also lacked the necessary skills to handle food safely. Cooking isn’t just about having fun; it’s also about being responsible and taking precautions to ensure that the food is safe for consumption. The girl’s lack of skills and experience could have put the health of everyone in the class at risk.

He Was Out of Line

But the Redditors disagreed with OP’s point of view, and they did not go easy on him. They all said that OP was the jerk in this situation. They pointed out that he was in a beginner’s cooking class for adults, and the young woman was the target demographic for this type of class.

Redditors believed that OP had joined the class not to learn but to show off his skills to everyone else. They also thought that OP was strange for constantly harassing the young woman, who was half his age. They said that OP should leave her alone and let her learn at her own pace.

One user said, he was wrong and “her moving her things away from you should have been the end of it. Honestly, you shouldn’t have interfered in the first place, but her moving her things was definitely her saying she wanted to be left alone.”

What do you think about this guy’s behavior? Was he being rude or just clueless?

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