He Walked Out on His Wife’s Birthday Dinner Because They Went to the Restaurant He Specifically Said No To

This guy took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for walking out of his wife’s birthday dinner. Here’s the full story.

His Wife’s Birthday

The original poster (OP) has been married for a long time, and they have a great relationship.

The story begins with OP’s wife’s birthday a few days ago.

On her birthday, OP took her out for a romantic lunch date and a full day of hiking, which is one of her favorite activities.

Her Parents Wanted to Take Her Out

Her parents were interested in taking her out to dinner on the weekend, and she could choose where to go. She asked her husband for his opinion on where they should go. OP simply replied, “Literally anywhere except shoguns is fine.”

OP had his reasons for not liking the restaurant. He didn’t like the flavors of the food they served, and every time they had gone there, he had not enjoyed his meal and felt that spending $30 on something he wouldn’t eat was not worth it.

However, her dad loved the place, so they had been there often.

Anywhere but There

The weekend arrived, and her parents came over to OP’s house.

The day went well, and they had a lovely time together. The time came to decide where they would go for dinner, and everyone agreed on Shoguns.

OP thought to himself, “Okay, no big deal, I’ll just get a kid’s meal or something like chicken strips and fries.”

On the way to the restaurant, he reminded his wife that he did not plan on eating anything off the menu, but he would be more than happy to sit with everyone, enjoy their company, and order the chicken strips.

She and OP were happy, so all seemed to be well.

$10 to Watch Other People Eat

That is until they got to the restaurant.

It turns out that the kids’ meals were only for children aged ten and under, and the husband was obviously way over that age limit. OP thought, “No big deal, I’ll just relax and enjoy the company, and then I’ll grab some food when we leave.”

However, according to Shoguns’ policy, they would have to pay per person, whether or not that person was eating.

They wanted OP to pay $10 to watch other people eat when the kids’ meal would have only cost $7.

OP’s wife was becoming furious about OP not paying the $10 charge to simply sit there, so OP told her he was not paying $10 to watch everyone else have dinner.

So, OP asked again if he could just order the kid’s meal, but they refused.

He Walked Out of the Restaurant

He walked out of the restaurant and sat outside in the car, feeling guilty.

OP’s wife was furious with him, and he says he is sure his wife’s parents weren’t happy, too, as he was sitting outside in the car.

OP was now left wondering if he was in the wrong for walking out of the restaurant during his wife’s birthday dinner with her family.

Just Order Something!

He asked Reddit, and thousands of comments poured in expressing their views.

Many Reddit users sided with OP and said that OP’s wife asked him his opinion, and he told her literally anywhere but shoguns, so why she chose it is anyone’s guess, but it was a thoughtless thing to do, birthday or not. And she shouldn’t be mad at OP.

But another Redditor wrote, “It’s your wife’s birthday, so you could easily just nibble on some vegetables or salad, or even just rice. You’re an adult and adults sometimes have to just s*ck it up and do stuff they don’t want to.”

A third Reddit user pointed out that it is OP’s wife’s birthday, but OP made it about him. The comment went on saying that most restaurants do not allow adults to order off kid’s menus and that OP was wrong.

So what do you think? What would you have done in this situation?

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