His Delinquent Brother Was Out of Control, Until He Was Shipped off to His Father to Be Bent Back Into Shape

This story of revenge had the most positive outcome possible and went viral on Reddit recently. Read on for an amazing story!

His Brother Was in the Wrong Crowd

Meet the OP (original poster), the protagonist of this inspiring story. OP is a guy who grew up with his younger brother, Ben. The two of them were inseparable until Ben started hanging out with older guys to be “cool” and began experimenting with drugs.

OP didn’t know about his brother’s drug habit until a year later when he started noticing some changes in him, like weight loss, staying up until 5 AM on a school night, and agitation.

Their single mother tried her best to get Ben to go to sleep on time and wake up for school, but her lenient parenting style backfired, and when she tried to put her foot down, Ben would walk all over her.

His Mother Couldn’t Control Him

For a couple of years, Ben continued to skip school, and their mom had to go to court, pay fines, take time off work to go to meetings, and so on.

OP also had to deal with this because his mom made him take Ben to meetings/court appearances, community service, and pick him up from alternative school.

Ben’s truancy improved a little after their mom kept getting in trouble for it, but it wasn’t 100%. As for his drug problem, he stole around $10,000 from their mom throughout the years to pay for it!

When their mom found out, she made him go to a “rehab camp” for the entire summer, which was paid for by the money she saved up for the OP’s college.

He Relapsed After Rehab

After rehab, things were good, but then B relapsed and started being a delinquent again. This time, their mom finally snapped, and petty revenge ensued.

She sent Ben to live with their dad in New York, thinking that he could deal with him. Ben packed his bags, thinking he was finally getting away from their mom and would have more freedom to do as he pleased. But, oh, how wrong he was.

To sum up, their dad is very strange, and they rarely saw him after they moved to Texas, maybe once a year at most.

He also physically spanked Ben when he was little, but since Ben was 6′ now, their dad and B had an unspoken agreement that physical punishment would not work now.

Shipped Off to Dad’s

Anyways, Ben gets there and immediately calls their mom, only after a day complaining to her that he cannot live like this. He thinks it’s unfair and is begging her to send him money. She said nope and hung up.

Apparently, their dad told Ben that as soon as he moved in, he had to pay for half of the rent by the next month and then again every month. He also needed his own money for food and clothes, etc.

Their dad fed him, of course, but he’s vegan, and Ben was tired of eating raw vegetables and soup every single day. If he couldn’t come up with rent, then their dad said Ben would simply have to find another place to live.

Now that their mom wasn’t there to help him anymore, the reality of his situation really set in.

He Started to Shape Up

Ben got a job only so he could have a place to stay and ended up dropping out of high school after finishing 11th grade in NY.

He would keep begging their mom for money, but OP was so glad she stood by her word, even if it hurt her. Their dad is the opposite; anything he says, he sticks by, and Ben knew it.

Ben’s motivation to make money led to him kicking his drug habit, and he became a drug dealer instead (ironic, right?). He realized that doing the drugs that he’d bought to sell would not be profitable, so he kicked the habit.

After a year, he met a friend who worked for their dad’s small real estate company, and he started doing paperwork there.

He stopped being a drug dealer and, at 19, decided to finish high school to have a diploma/GED to make even more money. It took him six months to get his GED.

He Turned It All Around

Their mom and OP were so proud of him. They realized that forcing him to become better was never going to work; he had to figure it out on his own.

The petty revenge of sending him to live with their dad actually worked out, as he became clean, started working out, got a good job, made better friends, and finished high school.

He moved back to Texas when he was 19-20 and moved in with their mom, which led him to become dependent again and veer off track a bit. But he was able to turn his life around once before, so he could do it again.

He decided he needed discipline and signed up for the Air Force. Ben is now turning 25 and lives in Germany with a great record and promotions in the Air Force. He got his college degree there, and he works as a meteorologist!

OP and Ben are still best friends to this day, and he is proud of how far Ben has come. Sometimes, tough love and petty revenge are precisely what someone needs to get their life back on track.

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