Her Best Friend Had Been Using Her for Years, She Bided Her Time Until She Finally Got an Opportunity for Revenge!

This girl’s backstabbing best friend was in for a shock! This is an excellent story of revenge on a friend turned enemy and makes for a great read!

A Not So Great Best Friend

Meet OP (the original poster), our protagonist who was in college about 15 years ago. She had a best friend, let’s call her ‘Brenda,’ who would bad mouth her constantly. Despite her stammer, OP was at the top of her class and an all-rounder.

But Brenda secretly hated her for being better than her at almost everything. English wasn’t their first language, so those who had studied in an English medium school had the upper hand in college.

Brenda would make nasty remarks about OP’s abilities and character and even tell lies about her getting favors from teachers because of her father’s reputation as a professor at the University.

She Spread Lies About Her

Brenda even went to the teachers, lying to them about OP saying mean things about them. OP could see the change in their behavior towards her because of Brenda’s lies.

OP helped Brenda a lot, despite her parents and brother warning her to be careful as she had a history of friends using her. She would translate notes, proofread her projects, and do whatever she could to help her. However, Brenda always assumed that OP wouldn’t do anything about her bad-mouthing her.

She Didn’t Need Her Anymore

In the penultimate semester, Brenda joined an English-speaking class, believing that this class would turn her into an expert in the language. Suddenly, Brenda started avoiding OP and insulting her in their friend circle because she thought that she didn’t have any use for her anymore.

OP cried in silence and did not say a word to her or anybody in the class. Almost all her classmates said she should confront Brenda, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to make Brenda feel the pain and anguish that she went through.

In the final semester, they were supposed to submit a dissertation of at least 50 pages, typed in English, to an external examiner. They got told to submit the first draft beforehand, which the teacher would scrutinize and ask to rectify any changes if required.

Until She Needed Her Again…

It carried 100 marks in total, along with the viva. In the previous semesters, OP had done Brenda’s projects, so she had no clue about word processing. Brenda was computer illiterate, and OP even had to create her social media account.

Brenda’s English-speaking course became a scam, so she was stranded again without anyone to help her. The icing on the cake was that no one in the college was willing to help her after what she did to OP.

Suddenly, OP started getting calls from Brenda, praising her nonstop about just anything and everything. She played along, pretending to be the same as before. Brenda sent OP her manuscript, some junk that she had written and gotten typed at some shop, and asked her to ‘take a look.’ It was barely 35 pages, and she expected that, like before, OP would do her a favor.

She Lured Her In

So OP proofread the first three pages, copy-pasted gibberish in the middle, and moved her content toward the end. She replaced many words with sexual innuendo and formatted just the beginning pages so Brenda wouldn’t be suspicious.

She printed it and handed it to Brenda just before submission, so she wouldn’t get any time to check it and get it edited or formatted. Brenda just saw that the work was 50 pages and turned it in without even going through the contents.

The teacher sifted through the pages, read out some gems that OP had added in there in front of the whole class of 60, tore and threw the pages in Brenda’s face, and asked her to redo the whole thing! 

She Was In Tears

Brenda was in tears, and no one sympathized with her. She later complained about OP to the teacher but was reprimanded again for being careless and over-dependent. 

To add insult to injury, OP had actually written a 150-page dissertation, which the teacher appreciated in front of everyone and awarded her the highest marks. This bestie’s plan to seek revenge had backfired, and she had to face the consequences of her actions.

OP’s story is a tale of revenge against her backstabbing best friend. Despite being taken for granted and mistreated by her best friend, OP cleverly turned the tables and outsmarted her in the final semester. Her well-executed plan led to Brenda’s humiliation and failure.

Reddit users loved this tale of revenge. One user said, “OP played her like a fiddle, and she didn’t just stammer through her revenge, she orchestrated it!”

What do you think of this tale of revenge? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

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