She Gave Her Boss a Nasty Infection as Revenge for Making Her Work When She Was Sick

In this intriguing tale of workplace defiance, Victoria found herself at odds with her boss over the simple act of taking a sick day. Luckily Victoria had a clever strategy to prove a point and taught her boss a lesson he wouldn’t forget. Prepare to be amused and inspired as we delve into Victoria’s unforgettable sick day saga.

Victoria’s Frustrating Encounter with her Boss

Back in 2017, Victoria found herself in a peculiar situation at her job in a training center for a Fortune 500 company.

With only a handful of people in the building during non-class hours, she experienced a frustrating encounter with her boss when she called in sick for two consecutive days due to a severe lung infection.

The Shocking Response 

Expecting some understanding, Victoria was shocked by her boss’s scolding.

He went on a tirade about the lack of discipline among “kids these days” and proudly declared that he hadn’t taken a sick day in nine years.

Despite Victoria’s offer to provide a doctor’s note, her boss remained resolute in his insistence that she return to work the following day – going so far as to say that he would decide whether she was actually sick.

Feeling trapped, as she was one of the few young women in the department and feared the consequences of arguing, Victoria decided to take a different approach.

Victoria’s Daring Decision

The following morning, she made a daring choice.

Instead of relying on cold medication to mask her symptoms, she walked into work without any relief, ready to face the day in her raw, sickly state.

As she entered the office, Victoria warned the trainers about her condition, urging them to keep a distance.

Astonished, they nodded in agreement and hurriedly moved to another part of the building.

The Boss’s Surprising Realization 

It wasn’t long before Victoria’s boss heard her violent coughing and gasping for breath, a clear indication of her illness.

Surprised by the severity of her condition, he finally admitted, “Oh…you really are sick. You should go home. But I don’t understand how you got this sick,” adding the boastful reminder, “I haven’t taken a sick day in nine years!”

Following his orders, Victoria drove back home that day, hoping for some relief and recovery.

Victoria’s Return 

The next day, when she returned to work, the trainers couldn’t help but question her presence.

Confused, they asked, “What the hell are you doing here?”

Victoria reminded them that “The boss said that if I’m actually sick, he can send me home.”

Support for Victoria’s Game

Amused by her response, the trainers chuckled and made sure to steer clear of her section in the building, aware of the game Victoria was playing.

True to her boss’s words, he once again heard the distressing sounds of Victoria’s coughing and gasping.

This time, he had no choice but to dismiss her from work, realizing that her illness was genuine. He admitted that he didn’t need any further proof and instructed her to return only when she felt better.

The Boss’s Humbling Experience 

Four days later, the tables turned on Mr. “I haven’t taken a sick day in nine years.”

He fell victim to a severe infection similar to the one Victoria had experienced. The irony couldn’t have been more pronounced.

He was forced to take a week off, perhaps realizing that a little more humility and compassion would have served him better. If only he had more discipline.

The Power of Karma 

In the end, Victoria’s clever act of “malicious compliance” not only shed light on her boss’s lack of understanding but also showcased the power of karma.

It teaches us the importance of empathy, understanding, and the wisdom of treating others with kindness. As for Victoria, she continued to navigate her workplace knowing that sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

Have you ever felt pressured to work despite being sick? How did it go?

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