Her Incompetent Boss Tried to Throw Her Under the Bus to Save Herself, She Ended Up Making Herself Look Even Worse!

This tale of revenge comes to us from a woman whose incompetent boss tried to get her fired for refusing to inflate their number!

A Toxic Start-Up Workplace

Meet our original poster (OP), a data analyst who recently resigned from a toxic start-up workplace. It started off promising, but soon she noticed red flags, including the fact that her manager, whom we’ll call Margaret, had no prior data analysis or management experience!

Despite this, she trusted Margaret’s leadership because she liked the company’s goals. Boy, was that a mistake!

OP did all the work for the team during her year there. Whenever she ran the numbers for reporting and analysis of team performance, Margaret always asked her to dumb it down so she could present it to high-level management.

OP thought everything was going well because she only got good feedback from Margaret and the rest of the team.

But a month ago, a coworker whom she didn’t get along with made an untrue complaint about her.

Her Manager Questioned Her Performance

Margaret believed it without investigating and placed OP on a PIP. A PIP, as she explains, is a Performance Improvement Plan used by managers to address underperformance and start a documentation process, usually as a first step to firing someone or phasing them out.

As a data analyst, OP knew how to deal with numbers and was able to refute her manager’s claims with written evidence. However, her manager and HR doubled down and started gaslighting her by saying she was too negative.

Feeling threatened with termination, OP complied with the PIP but started building a case against her manager and HR. She knew her manager was doing the PIP to terminate her because she was looking for internal candidates to replace her in secret, and she was dumb enough to set the meetings up in the office beside OP!

Make Them Look Better

Margaret wanted OP to inflate numbers and make the team performance look better than what the raw data was saying.

She had worked with bosses with different personalities, some super arrogant, others lovely, and had no issues with any of them because even if they had differences in personality, they knew better than to lie about the numbers.

That sort of thing can come back to haunt you if high-level management makes the wrong decision from your recommendation.

But Margaret, because she didn’t understand the work, made things up and straight-up lied to HR.

It’s an unwritten rule, but HR will always protect management no matter how incompetent, so they disregarded OP’s evidence. This was crazy, as her evidence included records from her and Margaret’s one-on-one meetings where Margaret wrote herself good feedback on OP’s work with no opportunities to improve.

When it came time for HR and Margaret to explain why they were placing OP on a PIP, they had no idea what to say because they had no understanding of the work. Margaret even admitted that she didn’t even know what a PIP was prior to this. It didn’t look good on their part.

She Found a New Job

So once OP signed her contract for a new job, she did basically nothing and started working from home.

Before her resignation, Margaret asked her to do some reporting for her, so OP ran the numbers, sent her the raw data, told her where to locate the files, and said that she could analyze the data and make the presentation herself.

Since she’s the data analyst manager, she should know how to do it. But Margaret tried reporting OP for this! Luckily it ultimately backfired because her higher-ups and HR asked her if the work that OP did was actually wrong. Her manager had to admit that she didn’t know what she was looking at, destroying her credibility!

Because of that revelation, they started questioning everything else in the team, and an external investigator is now auditing the company! Credibility destroyed.

The Investigated Her

OP believes that her manager’s PIP gave the company the final reason they needed to investigate externally.

Their team has had high turnover (with multiple complaints of bullying from junior staff) and hefty fines from regulators due to non-compliance of junior staff.

OP wasn’t present in those meetings with high-level management, but she suspects they kept lying and edited the presentations she made despite her warning them that it wasn’t a good idea.

OP is now working for a competent manager with clear goals for the team.

Despite her boss’s incompetence, OP trusted her at first because they were good friends. But when her boss tried to throw her under the bus, she knew she had to stand up for herself. Even if it meant cutting ties, OP wasn’t going to let anyone take advantage of her hard work and dedication.

And in the end, her perseverance paid off, and she had the last laugh. She had shown everyone her old toxic manager’s incompetence, which was a win in her books!

What do you think of her tale of revenge? She trusted her boss, and they stabbed her in the back, so it was only fair she’d go nuclear on them.

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