Her Misogynistic Boss Installed Cameras to Monitor How Much Time Employees Spent in the Bathroom

What happens when an employer oversteps and installs security cameras to control how much time employees spend in the bathroom? Let’s find out.

His Niece’s First Job

The Original Poster (OP) shared a story about his niece, who is 23 years old. She resides in the wonderful state of Oklahoma.

His niece is currently employed in her first position following graduation. OP and his niece didn’t speak much at first, but when she moved away to attend college because OP’s sister had “gone off the deep end” with substance abuse issues, OP and his niece had a good niece-uncle relationship.

She Was Penalized for Spending Too Much Time in the Bathroom

The story began when OP’s niece called him crying to express how frustrated she was with her job.

Because she was on her period, she was penalized with lower pay for “spending too much time in the bathroom.”

Her immediate manager thinks that women “make up” menstruation as a justification for “acting flippant toward authority.” She was also threatened with termination when she objected and if she “didn’t learn her place” right away.

Her Boss Was an Arrogant Misogynist

The business’s manager is a staunchly Republican, MAGA-loving, anti-government white supremacist who has often stated that he wants laws similar to those from the Jim Crow era; he is a strong supporter of segregation and believes that the civil rights movement of the 1960s was unwise.

OP also thinks that the local city court’s judge is also a close friend of his. The manager tends to engage in dubious behavior and thinks he is above the law and untouchable in society.

Recently, things have been really bad at her job with toxic management, dangerous work procedures, and routine violations of OSHA regulations— the entire nine yards—are prevalent in the workplace, omitting information or lying to federal and state safety inspectors.

Now the manager has concluded that there is a problem with workers going to the restroom to avoid the managers, checking their phones, and, in essence, spending a third of their shift squatting on the toilet.

He Installed Cameras in and Around the Bathrooms

As a result, they set up cameras in and around bathrooms as a defense.

The manager constantly checks the toilet cameras and takes disciplinary action against anyone seen using their phone or lingering there for an extended period.

Many irate employees who believed it was illegal called out the owner, who decided to use the cameras, in a business town hall meeting. The manager replied, “This is my business. I’m not going to let the government or lawyers tell me how to manage my business. Until time theft through restroom overuse stops, we will continue to monitor employee bathroom behavior.”

Many employees have left the business, but because it’s one of the major employers in the community, it’s difficult for many of them to do so while still being able to pay their bills. 

Are There Grounds for Legal Action?

OP shared her story with the Reddit community to ask what legal actions he could take regarding the situation.

Hundreds of Redditors shared their thoughts and actions OP could take.

One Reddit user wrote, “This is sex discrimination, sex offense, and crime and labor law violations. Multiple angle lawsuits. Call the sheriff’s department first to make a report, and then bring that to the Dept. of Labor. Make sure you gather evidence and documentation. Take pics of the cameras in the bathroom.”

Another Redditor commented, “It’s illegal. Bathrooms are places where there is an expectation of privacy. I’ve never seen a camera in a bathroom, and in every circumstance I’ve heard about it happening, it’s typically been a criminal offense.”

So what is your take? What would you do if you were in this situation?

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