Her Boyfriend Expected Her to Make Dinner, When She Didn’t He Ate Her Food!

This story comes to us from Reddit, this woman’s boyfriend’s rude behavior reduced her to tears. Her relationship issues seem to indicate something deeper at play, and maybe she would be better off without him.

Her Father Took Her Out for Lunch

The Original Poster (OP) is a young woman in her 20s who has been living with her boyfriend, Shane, for a while now.

On this particular day, OP’s father and his wife visited and had lunch with her at a nearby restaurant.

They brought her some leftovers and a few gifts, which she was happy about.

After dropping her off at home, Shane asked her how it went, and she invited him to share some of the leftovers. He refused, saying he would eat some later.

He Wanted Her to Make Dinner

They both slept for a bit, but Shane woke up and asked her to make dinner.

She told him she would be fine as she had leftovers to eat, but he asked if she was sure she would have enough to eat. OP was still groggy and didn’t fully comprehend what he was saying, but said, “Yes, I’ll be fine.”

Hours later, around 10 pm, OP returned to find Shane eating all the leftovers. When she asked if he had left her any, he said he had told her earlier he was going to heat up everything and eat it.

He Didn’t Leave Her Anything

She was upset that he didn’t leave her any leftovers, not even a little bit of fish and rice. She quickly dressed up for the night and left the room to have a good cry on the couch.

As she was crying, she heard Shane laughing at clips of Family Guy from their room, which only made her cry even more. She then cooked some fish she found in the fridge for dinner.

When Shane came to the kitchen to drop off the dish he put the leftovers in, OP felt even sadder that he didn’t leave her any.

She returned to their room to eat her late dinner, only to find Shane in bed browsing his phone and laughing at memes. She wanted to confront him quickly in a way that wouldn’t cause any drama.

She Confronted Him

She asked him, “Next time I have leftovers can you save me a little fish?” to which he replied, “No, I told you I would eat all the leftovers when I woke you up earlier to make dinner.”

She was taken aback but restated, “Do you think you can save me a little fish next time if I have leftovers?” 

He said, “Look. I woke you up to make dinner. You chose not to make dinner. I told you I would heat up all the leftover food and eat it.” 

OP said, “But you asked if I will have enough to eat later, and I said yes. I was under the impression you would leave me some fish and some leftover rice. I would’ve been fine with just a little food for dinner.” He told her, “Make dinner next time, then.”

She Was Hurt

OP was hurt and upset by Shane’s attitude and told him he was rude. He responded with “I don’t care” and didn’t say anything else to her. She cried in her chair as she somberly looked at her food. Shane made a quiet comment about her crying again and went to bed.

OP then asked him for a goodnight kiss, but he didn’t respond. He just turned over in bed with the sheet covering his head. He still didn’t respond when she asked again, causing her to cry for an hour straight.

OP was left feeling hurt and neglected by Shane’s behavior. She just wanted a simple apology and some affection, but Shane refused to acknowledge her feelings or show any empathy.

She wanted to hurt him for his rude behavior but knew it wouldn’t make her feel any better. All she wanted was to feel loved and appreciated by her partner, but instead, she was left feeling sad and alone.

Some Red Flags

This situation highlights a larger issue in their relationship. Shane’s dismissive and rude behavior towards OP is a red flag that their relationship may be emotionally abusive.

OP deserves to be with someone who treats her with respect and kindness, and it may be time for her to consider leaving this toxic relationship.

OP is at a loss for what to do. She loves her boyfriend and wants to make things work but can’t help feeling hurt and unappreciated. She wonders if she overreacted, is being too sensitive, or is expecting too much from him. 

She is in a tough spot. She wants Shane to treat her better but doesn’t know how to get through to him. She also doesn’t want to let him get away with being rude and disrespectful.

She’s stuck in a cycle of hurt and sadness and doesn’t know how to break free from it.

What do you think of her story? What should she do?

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