Her Boyfriend Has Suddenly Found God and Is Banning Sex Before Marriage. Is She Right to Be Hurt?

Relationships evolve over time, and sometimes unexpected changes can present unique challenges. In this Reddit post, a woman shares the experience of her partner’s sudden and intense religious transformation. 

A New Life Phase

The Original Poster (OP) aged 24 and her boyfriend aged 27 have been together for almost three years.

Early in the year, the couple moved in together to a new state, and OP started a new career at a university.

A month into her new job, OP proposed that perhaps they try going to church there since the university is catholic.

They Start Attending Church

OP was raised Catholic, but she stopped attending church at the age of eight. Her boyfriend also had a similar upbringing and his family also stopped going to church.

OP’s partner subtly agreed to the idea, and OP thinks this is where the idea was first planted in his head.

When OP suggested that they can go to church on his first free weekend, he didn’t seem very enthusiastic or motivated to go. Because OP wasn’t particularly religious, she decided not to press the issue.

However, since they started going to church together around two months ago, and OP’s partner has fully embraced Catholicism.

Enough Bible Talk

He studies the Bible and Catholicism daily online while playing games and multitasking by viewing religious testimonies.

He talks nonstop to OP about the Bible, Jesus, and other religious topics.

OP says that she wants to listen to him and comprehend his renewed interest in and dedication to religion, but he is constantly consuming too much religious content and OP simply cannot take it anymore.

Currently, OP is worried and is at a loss for what to do.

Sex Ban

Things took a turn when he told OP over the weekend that they could no longer have premarital sex to strengthen his relationship with God and his religion.

This shocked OP and she didn’t know how to respond.

OP is currently wondering how to tell him that she doesn’t want to comply with his request because it hurts her feelings.

OP took to Reddit to ask for opinions and hundreds of comments poured in.

A Big Deal for the Relationship

One Reddit user wrote, “This is a big deal. Religion/ faith or the lack of it, is something that defines the way someone lives their life, as you’ve noted you’re experiencing with him no longer wanting to have premarital sex. I would definitely say to have that open discussion with him and let him know you feel about sex as well. This could be something that could be a huge incompatibility between you too.”

Another Redditor commented, “I hate telling you this, but as someone who was raised a Christian, read the whole Bible several times and such, and am now an Agnostic, I can tell you this will end your relationship. He’s going to want to find someone who shares his enthusiasm and dedication.”

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