Her Islamophobic Boyfriend Won’t Hear Any Different to His Beliefs – And She’s a Muslim! Red Flag?

In a recent Reddit post, a user found herself in a heated argument with her racist boyfriend regarding religion. Here’s the full story.


The Original Poster (OP) is from an Asian Muslim background, and her boyfriend is Spanish/Hispanic.

He is an atheist but sometimes “spiritual” and an amazing person. Although OP is not exactly a practicing Muslim, she does believe in her religion.

Since the couple has been dating he has said some upsetting things about OP’s religion.

One of the first times this happened, OP asked him to tell her what about Islam he didn’t like.

Hurtful Comments

The two specific examples he cited were particularly disconcerting.

Firstly, he expressed his belief that women have no rights in Islam, and secondly, he took issue with the niqab (head veiling).

Eager to clarify misconceptions and bridge the gap between cultural practices and religious teachings, OP engaged in a conversation with him.

She explained the distinction between culture and religion, hoping he would gain a deeper understanding.

Initially, he appeared receptive to her perspective, but it soon became evident that his comprehension was limited, as he continued to make hurtful comments.

Otherwise an Intelligent Person

What baffled OP most was that he is an intelligent person, fully capable of grasping the concepts she was presenting.

Yet, time and again, he reverted to his original way of thinking, disregarding the insights she had shared.

Their discussions seemed to have little impact on his perceptions, leaving OP feeling frustrated and disheartened.

Moreover, he often used the terms “Muslim,” “Arab,” and “Asian” interchangeably, brushing off OP’s corrections by saying, “You know what I mean.”

Affecting the Relationship

To make matters worse, during a recent conversation, he revealed his reservations about “Muslim stuff” if their relationship were to become more serious.

OP was attempting to enlighten him about the misconceptions he held, explaining that the things he attributed to Muslims were not inherent aspects of the religion.

His distorted portrayal of Pakistan, implying that women were relegated to a life confined within their homes, chained to the kitchen, hurt OP deeply.

While she acknowledged that societal progress and gender equality may still be works in progress in certain regions, it is far from the extreme picture he painted.

Progressive Opportunities

She told him that women in Pakistan have the opportunity to study, work, and lead fulfilling lives and that they possess rights, even if the societal mindset may lag behind.

It was the final straw when he made sweeping generalizations, claiming that Americans and English people view Muslims in a certain way and projecting negative stereotypes onto Afghan and Pakistani communities.

Faced with such ignorance, OP felt compelled to call him out on his racist and insensitive remarks.

She expressed her deep disappointment and disgust at his refusal to educate himself, to seek truth, and distinguish fact from fiction.

On Shaky Ground

The couple’s relationship was already on shaky ground due to unrelated issues, and this incident further amplified her doubts.

OP couldn’t help but question whether she wanted to maintain a friendship with someone who demonstrated such blatant racism and a steadfast refusal to comprehend her perspective.

She took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong for what happened and several Redditors commented that she was not wrong.

Small Minded and Islamophobic

One Reddit user wrote, “He’s not an amazing person. He sounds small-minded and xenophobic.”

Another Redditor added, “He’s not amazing if he’s incredibly Islamophobic and generally racist, it would have been very reasonable to dump him and never want to talk to him again based just on that. You can’t make someone want to change and he clearly doesn’t want to as he’s shown you time and time again”

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