Her Boyfriend Is Turned Off by His ‘Aging’ Girlfriend…She’s 22! Who Does He Think He Is – Leonardo DiCaprio?!

Humbert, a guy with a story to tell, finds himself wrestling with a conundrum that has been gnawing at his heart. Looking for relationship advice, he posted on Reddit. Let’s take a look at his incredibly curious issue.

Humbert’s Infatuation with College Girls

It all began almost four years ago when he crossed paths with a typical, adorable college girl during her first year. Decked out in yoga pants and an array of cute outfits, she exuded an irresistible charm.

Humbert had always harbored a fantasy of being with a cute college girl, and fate finally smiled upon him when he relocated near a college campus and matched with her on a dating app.

Shifting Feelings

They started dating and their connection deepened over time. With each passing day, their bond grew stronger, ultimately leading them to move in together after a year.

However, recent changes in their lives have triggered a shift in Humbert’s feelings.

His girlfriend, now a college graduate and 22 years old, began a new job just last week. And with this transition, a few unsettling aspects have come to light.

Humbert finds himself turned off by the clothes she now wears to work as they remind him of his father heading off to his own office job.

She No Longer Dazzles…Poor Humbert

Gone are the days when she would dazzle him with her adorable attire during her college years or her waitressing gigs; now, she looks like a dorky older man every weekday morning.

Furthermore, she incessantly rambles on about work, and it feels alien to Humbert. What was once an enjoyable exchange where he eagerly asked about her day has now become a dreaded ordeal.

She delves into excruciating detail about her job, leaving Humbert bored to tears. Humbert longs for the entertaining stories she used to entertain him with from her days as a waitress or a student.

The Unsettling Aspects

Adding to his unease, she constantly discusses her extravagant desires – purchasing a fancy new car and a spacious suburban house.

Humbert conveyed his financial limitations, expressing his inability to afford a house. To his surprise, she countered with, “We will be able to once I’ve paid off my student loans and saved up for a down payment.”

She envisions a future with a garden and other adult-like aspirations that make her seem older than her years.

The once carefree discussions are now talks of savings and financial planning.

Yearning for the Past

Caught in the whirlwind of these changes, Humbert can’t shake the feeling that he’s yearning for his “little fresh-faced college girl.”

Each step she takes towards embracing adulthood only rubs him the wrong way. The transformation from carefree coed to office lady doesn’t sit right with him.

He wonders if he should make an effort to reignite their love and find a way to navigate this new chapter together – however, a part of him questions whether their relationship can truly withstand the test of time.

Disapproval and Criticism Galore!

He took to Reddit in search of advice, and boy, did the community have something to say!

They were quick to express their disgust and disapproval towards Humbert’s perspective. They criticized his apparent objectification of his girlfriend and his failure to view her as a complete person beyond her appearance and youthful phase. 


They threw accusations of being creepy, predatory, and disrespectful toward women his way.

Redditors advised him to seek therapy and urged him to break up with his girlfriend so she could find someone who valued her as an adult.

Many readers found his post repulsive.

The overwhelming sentiment was one of disbelief, disdain, and a call for personal growth and maturity on Humbert’s part.

Recognizing Unhealthy Attitudes

Humbert needs to reflect on his own attitudes and behaviors.

He has to recognize that his fixation on the image of a college girl and his discomfort with his girlfriend’s growth and responsibilities are unhealthy and disrespectful. 

Relationships should be based on genuine care, respect, and appreciation for the other person as an individual. 

Humbert should ask himself if he genuinely cares for her as a person beyond the image and fantasies he had initially held. Humbert needs to confront his own biases and reassess his expectations in relationships.

It may be valuable for him to seek therapy or counseling to address any underlying issues and to develop a healthier mindset and approach to relationships.

This will enable him to connect with others on a deeper level and foster genuine connections based on mutual respect and understanding.

Personal Growth and Reevaluation

Ultimately, Humbert may need to reevaluate his own readiness for a long-term, committed relationship. If his desires and expectations don’t align with the reality of a mature partnership, it may be better for him and his girlfriend to explore separate paths.

It’s important for him to develop a healthier mindset that values his partner beyond their appearance or stage in life.

What do you think about Humbert’s views? Are they shocking, or can you understand where he’s coming from?

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