Her Brother and Family Needed a Place to Stay, She Refused Hers. Her Family Say She Is Being Selfish

Most people are happy to help their family when they can, but when it comes to matters such as financial help or housing, things can quickly become complicated. A young woman recently took to Reddit to ask whether or not she was in the wrong for refusing to help her older siblings in their time of need.

She’s the Youngest Sibling

The Original Poster (OP) is a 22-year-old living with her 26-year-old husband.

She is the youngest of her four siblings, aged 30, 32, and 33. Her siblings have a total of 14 kids between the three of them.

None of OP’s siblings attended college and hold entry-level positions with average or low earnings.

She’s Excelled in Life

OP started college while still in high school and finished last year. She now works as a nurse, and while she doesn’t want to reveal what exactly her husband does for a living, she says he works on airplanes.

OP shares that the typical household income where they reside is around $200,000.

She Helps When She Can

When OP was a teenager, her siblings frequently requested her to babysit for them.

She did it for a bit. However, when she was around 16, she stopped after realizing there was no benefit to her and that they didn’t appreciate anything.

Since her siblings are the kind who request favors but never offer help when needed, OP has adopted the “don’t ask me for anything” attitude for the past six years.

Plus, her siblings constantly borrow and never return money from their parents.

Her Oldest Brother Wanted a Place to Stay

The story started when OP’s oldest brother, his girlfriend, and their four children asked to stay with OP and her husband since they are about to be evicted.

OP has a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house, and her siblings frequently move in, fail to pay their rent, and then refuse to leave, so she told them no.

Plus, her oldest brother tolerated their four children’s utter destruction of every rental they occupied—painting on the walls, making holes in them, etc.

They Didn’t Respond Well

The story took a turn when OP was at her mother’s birthday celebration, and her brother and his girlfriend lost it and blew up at OP and her husband.

OP’s brother and his family are going to have to stay at a shelter, and they started blaming OP. But she says it’s their own carelessness.

In agreement with her brother, the other two siblings added that they thought OP was a jerk.

She Knows They’ll Default

OP says that if she permits them to occupy her home, she will eventually have to evict them, as they will not make any payments.

OP thinks that it’s not fair that her siblings always ask her for money as she makes more money than they do, and they treat them like they are upper-class elitists because they made good choices in life to be able to buy a house early.

OP took to Reddit to ask whether she was being a jerk for saying no to her brother, and hundreds of comments said she was not wrong.

One Reddit user said that she did the right thing and that family members were not entitled to her money.

He’s Acting Entitled

Another Redditor wrote, “The title had me so ready to call you TA. Homelessness is an awful thing, especially for kids. Your brother’s attitude, however, has managed to overcome that. Your brother acts entitled, takes no responsibility, and causes trouble.”

A third Reddit user commented, “Congratulations on having firm, healthy boundaries at such a young age. The outcomes of their poor choices are certainly not your responsibility.”

So what do you think? Is OP responsible for her siblings’ wrong decisions? Did she do the right thing?

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