This Terrified Mom Issues a Warning With “Her Car Seat Is on Fire” Video. Beware of Using Seat Mirrors in Children’s Car Seats, She Says!

A concerned mother has issued a critical warning to drivers who use mirrors in their cars following a terrifying fire scare. 

She Saw the Smoke

Recounting the incident that prompted her plea, the parent was horrified when smoke started billowing out of her daughter’s car seat during an outing.

Fortunately, her children were not in the car then, and the Canadian mother discovered the fire in its early stages. Astonishingly, she managed to capture the incident on camera.

Natasha Furlong, known as @morethanjustamother on TikTok, shared the video to alert other families. In her post, she revealed, “I just opened my car door to put my daughter in her seat, and her car seat is on fire.” 

Her Car Seat Is on Fire!

Distressed, Natasha zoomed in to show the smoke and reflected light, which she claimed had caused the fire. She then panned the camera to reveal the infant mirror attached to the headrest opposite the car seat, which she had previously installed to monitor her child while driving.

Additionally, she demonstrated how the reflection disappeared from the car seat when she placed her hand between the two. Several holes were visible in the car seat, presumably from the heat.

“What the heck? Can you imagine if she was sitting in her seat?” her video concluded.

A Mother’s Warning

The video’s caption read: “To all the parents out there, just be aware of how quickly this can happen. I’m so glad it didn’t happen while my daughter was strapped in.” Since then, her video has garnered over a million views and thousands of comments from concerned social media users.

One individual replied, “Thank you for sharing this video. Mirrors are not safe to use, as they can become a projectile in the event of a car wreck (even at a low rate of speed)!”

A second commenter expressed gratitude, saying, “Thanks for sharing because many parents have these mirrors, and it’s scary if that happens while you’re driving!”

Another parent revealed an alternative approach: “That’s why I have a camera instead of a mirror, cheap on Amazon, installs in 3 minutes and works amazingly! Oh, and it has night vision.”

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