Her Co-Worker Accused Her of Assault but She Finally Got Her Revenge…and Served It Cold!

This is the tale of Sienna, a hairstylist who found herself on the end of an assault allegation. Little did she know that a seemingly innocent interaction would spark a chain of events that would test her and teach her some harsh life lessons!

Feeling Like an Outsider

Sienna, a seasoned hairstylist with 24 years of experience, had been working at a well-known salon chain surrounded by a group of younger stylists and receptionists. Due to the age difference, Sienna always felt a bit on the outskirts of their close-knit circle.

Being a dedicated professional and a mother still raising a child at home, she couldn’t participate in after-work socializing over cocktails like her younger colleagues. Besides, Sienna wasn’t much of a drinker herself.

Accused of Assault!

One Saturday, while working alongside a particular receptionist, Sienna’s attention was drawn to an attractive individual. Lightheartedly, she leaned in and whispered to the receptionist, pointing out the good-looking person.

However, to Sienna’s surprise, the receptionist failed to see who she was referring to despite their back-and-forth exchange. Trying not to be too obvious, Sienna gently touched the side of the receptionist’s head, directing her gaze toward the person.

Unexpectedly, the receptionist became furious and snapped at Sienna, demanding that she stop touching her and accusing her of assault!

Spreading Rumors

Confused and taken aback, Sienna quickly apologized, explaining that she hadn’t intended any harm. She had assumed their interaction was all in good fun, considering their previous conversations and interactions.

The incident occurred on a Saturday, and Sienna had the next few days off. Upon returning to work, she discovered that the receptionist had spread a rumor throughout the salon, claiming that Sienna had assaulted her!

A False Accusation

Fortunately, two long-term co-workers who had known Sienna since 2004 came to her defense. They confronted the receptionist, telling her that what she described wasn’t assault and urging her to stop spreading lies. Despite their friendship with the receptionist, they stood by Sienna, recognizing her character and work ethic.

The situation escalated, and Sienna found herself having to recount the incident to her manager and the director at the main office! Thankfully, the director assured Sienna that nothing would come of the false accusation and that it was merely a matter of protocol to hear the receptionist out.

Ongoing Drama

Coincidentally, the receptionist had been seeking time off and claimed to have suffered from migraines since the incident, even though she had gotten new glasses the day before it happened.

In the end, nothing happened as a result of the receptionist’s false accusation. She obtained the requested time off, and a few months later, Sienna decided to leave her job and open her own hair salon.

However, on one of her final days at the old salon, the receptionist had the audacity to approach Sienna and offer to display her artwork in Sienna’s new shop!

Sienna was left speechless, wondering how the receptionist could forget the pain and turmoil she had caused by spreading lies and accusations.

News on the Grapevine

Time passed, and Sienna never encountered the receptionist again, not even by chance at restaurants or public places. However, through an old co-worker, Sienna occasionally heard snippets about the receptionist’s life. It seemed that she maintained friendships, attending barbecues and socializing with others.

One day, Sienna received a text from a friend who happened to be a mother as well. Their children had attended school together since kindergarten, and Sienna occasionally styled their hair. The friend inquired about a certain person, mentioning that she claimed to work at Sienna’s former salon since 2013.

Revenge at Last

Sienna immediately recognized the receptionist’s name and proceeded to share the entire story, expressing her lack of trust in the receptionist’s character and her belief that she wouldn’t be the best fit for the friend’s small business office due to potential drama. Sienna emphasized that although the receptionist might be capable of doing the job, her personal experience with her raised concerns.

To Sienna’s relief, her friend appreciated her honesty and promptly decided not to hire the receptionist! Their workplace valued a drama-free environment, and they trusted Sienna’s judgment. Consequently, the receptionist’s interview finished without an offer of employment.

A Lesson Learned

Sienna’s story carries a vital moral: kindness and honesty should guide our interactions with others. Memories are long, and people remember how they were treated and made to feel. Sienna’s ordeal made her acutely aware that not everyone is a friend, and she learned never to playfully touch anyone without their consent. Likewise, she vowed never to accuse someone falsely or spread fictitious stories out of vindictiveness.

And let’s not forget this one last thing: throughout the assault incident, security cameras with audio recorded everything. The footage served as undeniable evidence, proving the receptionist’s accusations to be baseless. She had conveniently forgotten about the cameras capturing the bustling salon with clients in the waiting room, hairstylists tending to customers, and Sienna going about her work.

Not a single person witnessed an assault because no assault had occurred, and the allegation, just like the job offer at Sienna’s friend’s office, was rescinded!

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