She Was Told Not Let Her Daughter Wear Her Late Father’s Clothes Because She Might Become a Lesbian

After losing her father, she allowed her daughter to wear his clothes for comfort. Her cousin claims doing so might make her gay. Here’s the full story.

A Single Mother

The Original Poster (OP) is a 37-year-old single mother. Following her husband’s death in a vehicle accident five years ago, she is now her daughter’s sole carer. Her daughter, Anna, is 13 years old.

Although losing him was extremely difficult for the two of them, they have gradually been able to accept it.

She Wears His Old Clothes

Anna has recently developed the habit of wearing her dad’s clothes, like his hoodies and shirts. OP doesn’t mind because she doesn’t appear odd in them, and OP thinks it’s a good way for her to remember her father.

Recently, OP’s mother hosted a family get-together at her home last week. Anna wore a pair of jeans, shorts, and one of her father’s old shirts to the gathering. They greeted everyone at the dinner, and after that, Anna hung out with cousins while OP spoke with others.

Her Cousin Commented on Anna’s Clothes

One of OP’s cousins, Beatrice, aged 45, wanted to chime in on the conversation while OP was talking to her sister. Beatrice commented on the way Anna was dressed.

But that did not surprise OP, but it still irritated her since Beatrice is, for lack of a better description, a jerk who uses religion as a cover to stick her nose in other people’s business.

Beatrice believes she is the most qualified family member to provide parenting advice because she has five children, a son, and four daughters.

She Should Forbid Anna From Dressing in Male Clothing

She sprang into a lengthy monologue about how OP is a bad mother and should forbid Anna from dressing in male clothing since doing so would make her more likely to become a lesbian or, worse yet, may enable her to practice transgenderism.

OP doesn’t care if her son or daughter were gay, but by no means was OP going to tolerate someone saying that garbage about a person based solely on how they dress.

OP got angry and yelled at her and said, “Look, who’s talking about being a bad mother? Isn’t your son a jerk? Didn’t all of your girls flee only to escape your obnoxiousness and poor parenting?”

More Likely to Become a Lesbian

OP went on to say that a gay child is preferable and that Beatrice is the last person she wants to ask for guidance.

Beatrice was shocked and started crying after hearing that and then left.

Currently, OP is receiving criticism from some members of her family for being so rude to her, even if what OP said was correct.

Now OP is worried that she should not have gotten angry with Beatrice in that manner and that she should also have apologized.

OP took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong in the situation.

She Was Right to Correct Her Cousin

Redditors sided with OP and shared that she was not wrong and that what she said to her cousin was correct.

One Reddit user wrote, “You are doing what is good for your kid and your family. The cousin has major issues and won’t be fixed anytime soon. Your response to her was wonderful too.”

Another Redditor commented, “If Beatrice didn’t want a big portion of truth cake she shouldn’t have come to the just desserts buffet.”

A third Reddit user pointed out, “No way she was being concerned about you and your daughter. She just wanted to build herself up in everyone’s mind and could only do so by dragging you down.”

So what is your view? Was OP wrong for lashing out at her cousin?

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