Her Cousin Stole Her Wedding! She Copied Her Dress and Set Her Wedding One Week Before Hers!

In a recent incident, this Reddit user found herself in a distressing situation when her cousin seemingly tried to steal her wedding and then set her wedding one date before hers.

She Announced her Upcoming Wedding

Carrie is a 27-year-old who is going to get married soon. She announced the date for her upcoming wedding some time ago.

But now, her cousin, Kim, aged 28, has also announced, out of the blue, that she is also getting married. And she’s set her wedding date exactly one week before Carrie’s wedding.

Carrie says she spent the last few months trying on wedding gowns for the special day.

Dress Shopping

Her mother had sent a video of one of Carrie’s chosen dresses to Kim’s mother after she requested to see some of the outfits Carrie had tried on.

Since Carrie wanted her family to feel involved, she didn’t give it much thought and allowed her mother to send it.

Things took a turn when, after a few weeks, the store where she had put down a deposit for the dress called Carrie.

Her Cousin Had Ordered the Same Dress

They told Carrie that her cousin and her mother visited their shop with a video of her wearing the outfit and requested to buy a similar item.

Instead of the white dress Carrie had tried on, one of the store’s salespeople offered them the exact same dress but in cream color.

The store owner said she felt sorry for what happened and that the salesperson hadn’t thought that many of the same guests at Carrie’s wedding would be attending her cousin’s wedding too.

The store owner provided a refund because she understood that two girls from the same family couldn’t wear the same dress.

She Felt Betrayed

Upon learning about the incident, Carrie felt a mix of disbelief, hurt, and betrayal. She sent Kim a message right away and wanted to see the dress she had bought.

Kim avoided the question for weeks, creating stories about not finding a dress or having it altered. Finally, she invited Carrie and her mother to her house the evening before her wedding. She wanted some help with the wedding preparation.

Carrie inquired about her dress once more. Finally giving in, she pulled it out, and it was the same dress as hers but in a different color.

She Wanted to Know Why

Carrie was deeply hurt and questioned why she would deliberately try to take her wedding dress when she knew quite well that everyone would see it on her because her wedding was before her wedding.

She said that if she had spoken to her first, she might have agreed to let her have the dress, but instead, she went behind her back and lied about it.

The confrontation between Carrie and Kim escalated into a heated argument, and Carrie left the gathering.

Boycotting Her Wedding?

Carrie is contemplating not attending Kim’s wedding, questioning whether her actions warrant such animosity on the eve of her big day. Carrie’s family, however, believes she overreacted and should have chosen to remain silent until after the wedding.

She took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong, and hundreds of comments poured in supporting OP.

One Reddit user said that Carrie was not in the wrong and that her actions were totally reasonable.

Another Redditor wrote, “She lied and avoided confrontation for weeks. Your reaction was valid in my eyes. Things could have been different if she had shown you the dress earlier. She invalidated all your effort so close to your wedding. Your family is toxic.”

A third Reddit user commented, “Sounds like aunt and cousin are trying very hard to “win,” by setting the date just before you and then the dress stunt on top of that. And they know exactly what they are doing. Why else would they fib about the dress till the last minute? They are [jerks], and I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you skipped their celebration.”

So what do you think? What would you do if you were in this situation?

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