Her Coworker Assaulted Her and Was Fired, so Why Are They Company Advising Her They’re Hiring Him Back?

She didn’t want to work with this guy again after he assaulted her. But why would the company hire him back after they fired him? 

Closing Time at the Bar

The main protagonist of the story, the OP (original poster), is a female bartender who had a disturbing experience with her coworker in late September 2022. It was closing time at their workplace, and the coworker had gotten so drunk that he was being unhelpful and dropping things. 

OP asked him to go home and let her finish the closing on her own. He agreed, but he insisted on hugging her goodbye. As she allowed the hug, the coworker forcibly tried to kiss her, causing her to push him away. Then he tried to hug and kiss her again, but OP pushed him towards the door and finally left. The AGM (assistant general manager) was present, but OP had assumed she didn’t see anything.

He Was Causing Problems

The coworker returned to the workplace and tried to do drugs on the service well! At this point, the AGM saw what had happened earlier and kicked the coworker out of the workplace. 

Surprisingly she told OP not to tell anyone, including the GM, to avoid the coworker getting fired! However, the coworker returned again and vomited everywhere. His girlfriend had to come and physically carry him home.

Don’t Talk About It

The next day, the OP’s AGM promised to talk to the coworker about his behavior. However, nobody seemed to know anything about the incident, and OP had to close with him again while he was drinking. 

This left OP feeling exhausted, violated, and scared. She eventually reported the incident to her GM, who handled the situation well. Both the coworker and the AGM’s actions/inactions got caught on camera, so in the end, they got fired.

He Was Getting His Job Back

Fast forward to the present day, OP received a message from her GM letting her know that they will be hiring back the coworker who had sexually assaulted her and that they will be working at a new location where the company will cross-train all employees to work. 

This new location has very close links to their current workplace, so it would be impossible for OP to avoid the coworker. She is upset and feels uneasy about the precedence this sets for future employees who try to assault their coworkers. She’s also worried about the possibility of the other female employees getting exposed to her coworker in this way.

OP is not in the wrong for not wanting to work with the other bartender again. It is understandable that she would feel violated and scared after the incident and would not want to be put in that position again. 

The fact that the other bartender got fired for his actions suggests that the company takes such behavior seriously, and rehiring him at a new location would send the wrong message.

Workplaces Need Take Sexual Assault and Harassment Seriously

It is important for all workplaces to take sexual assault and harassment seriously and to have clear policies in place for addressing such incidents. OP’s experience highlights the importance of reporting such incidents and advocating for one’s own safety in the workplace.

OP questioned whether she was the jerk for not wanting him to work for the company again and whether she should quit.

Redditors who commented on the post advised OP to report the incident to the police and the prosecutorial arm where she lives. They also suggested that OP quit or call the cops on the male bartender for public intoxication. One Redditor advised OP to let the company know that she is quitting and called out the company’s values for rehiring someone who sexually assaulted a coworker.

After following some of Reddit’s advice, she posted an update to the story. OP sent a scathing response to the GM and found out that they had not actually hired the other bartender back, despite implying otherwise. 

It Was All a “Misunderstanding”

The GM said they were “sorry” that she felt that they were hiring him! OP feels that she is being gaslit by the whole ordeal and now no longer wants to work at the company.

OP’s response to the GM was reasonable; she courageously spoke up and stood her ground. Her decision to quit the company was a bold and necessary step in protecting herself from further harm. Redditors who supported her also showed solidarity and empathy for her experience. 

Her story is a cautionary tale of what can happen when companies prioritize keeping their employees over the safety and well-being of their workers. The AGM’s decision not to report the incident to the GM put OP and other employees at risk of harm. The company’s decision to consider rehiring the male bartender showed a lack of concern for OP’s trauma and the message it sends to future employees.

Companies should never tolerate harassment, and we must hold those who commit such acts accountable for their actions.

What do you think about her reaction? Should she leave the company?

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