He Left Her 3 Weeks Before Their Wedding! Now He Wants Her to Be “Just His Girlfriend…”

Join us as we hear about Liv’s story of heartbreak and see the the support she gets from the empathic Reddit community. 

An Ordinary Day

It was just another ordinary day for Liv as she returned home from work, tired and looking forward to spending a relaxing evening with her fiancé. Little did she know that her whole world was about to crumble before her eyes. 

As she stepped into their apartment, there was a haunting emptiness. Her fiancé, the person she had planned to spend the rest of her life with, had vanished, leaving nothing but a heartbreaking note in his wake!

Liv’s heart sank as she read his words, explaining that they fought too much, and he couldn’t bear to live a life filled with constant conflict. The realization hit her like a tidal wave, shattering all her dreams of a blissful wedding and a future together. Five years of love and commitment were gone, leaving Liv to grapple with a mix of emotions that threatened to engulf her.

Heartbroken and Needing Answers

Desperate for answers and closure, Liv reached out to her fiancé, pleading for a meeting to make sense of it all. But he remained elusive, refusing to confront the pain he had inflicted upon her. Days turned into weeks, and just when she thought she might never get an explanation, he finally agreed to meet.

However, what she heard shattered her even further.

He admitted that he had been contemplating leaving for the past three months, unsure of whether to follow through. The final fight they had before he left sealed his decision.

He confessed that their communication issues weighed heavily on him, as he felt the need to lie about certain things to avoid confrontations. The proposal, once a symbol of their love, now seemed like a desperate attempt to hold onto what they had rather than a genuine commitment.

A Strange New Proposal

Now, he proposed starting over as boyfriend and girlfriend, as if the years they spent together and the promise of a lifelong commitment meant nothing.

Liv found herself torn between conflicting emotions. She still loved him deeply, but the wounds were fresh, and she had no trust left. How could they possibly move forward from such a devastating betrayal? 

As she poured her heart out, her words carried a mixture of anger, sadness, and confusion.

She’s stuck thinking about the “what ifs.” What if she had handled their fights differently? What if she had turned a blind eye to his lies? The weight of these unanswered questions weighed heavily upon her, adding to the turmoil in her heart. In this moment of vulnerability, 

Support and Reassurance Required

Liv needed support and reassurance that everything would eventually be okay. She wanted hope that would help her believe that there was a greater purpose behind this heart-wrenching experience. She took to Reddit to vent on her situation and didn’t expect such an outpouring of love and advice.

Redditors were quick to weigh in on Liv’s heartbreaking situation, offering their candid opinions on her fiancé’s actions. They unanimously agreed that Liv should walk away from the relationship, recognizing that what he had done was not only uncool but also bordering on manipulative.

One Redditor expressed disbelief at his behavior, emphasizing that healthy communication is crucial in any relationship, especially when addressing conflicts. Moving out and refusing to talk for months was seen as an extreme and unacceptable way to handle their issues.

No Turning Back

The general consensus among Redditors was that there was no turning back from such a betrayal. They encouraged Liv to prioritize self-love, take time and space to reflect, and seek therapy or engage in activities that bring her happiness. Only then, they suggested, should she consider trying again with someone who truly deserves her.

Another Redditor pointed out the extent of the deception involved, highlighting the lies he told and the manipulative tactics he employed. They criticized him for leading Liv on, pretending to want a lifetime together, and allowing her to plan a wedding while he had no intention of following through. The lack of accountability for his disrespectful behavior was a red flag, with some suggesting that he may continue to prioritize his own desires and manipulate Liv in the future.

Make a Clean Break

The advice given to Liv was clear: do not stay on his hook. Despite the inevitable emotions and grief that would arise from the situation, Redditors emphasized the importance of recognizing that she deserves better. They urged her to make a clean break, focus on self-nurturing, and seek professional help to understand what went wrong in the relationship, ensuring a healthier future partnership.

While acknowledging the emotions Liv would undoubtedly experience, Redditors assured her that she should not let her ex-fiancé make her feel responsible for his decision to leave. They encouraged her to move forward, emphasizing that she deserved a partner who would be willing to compromise and create an equal partnership based on trust and communication.

In the end, Redditors united in their support for Liv, reminding her that she deserved better than what her ex-fiancé had to offer. They provided a chorus of encouragement to walk away, heal, and find a more compatible and fulfilling relationship. Hopefully, she will make the correct decision.

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