She Busted Her Friend’s Husband Cheating, the Worst Part Was That It Was With Her Friend’s Daughter!!

This story is hot off the press! A woman confessed on Reddit to simultaneously breaking up a marriage and ruining someone’s lifelong relationship with their parent! Her story is wild.

She Was Always Social

Our storyteller used to live in New York City and has always been able to spark up conversations with random people.

One day while she was out with her dog at the large park, she met an older woman, Carrie, with her dog, and they instantly became friends. Carrie invited OP (the original poster) to her book club, and since she wanted to have more friends, she decided to join.

Every week, she went to Carrie’s or one of her friend’s houses and talked about books and their lives. Sometimes Carrie’s husband (Manny) would come downstairs to get stuff and stick around to socialize. 

OP didn’t speak with him often because she felt like she didn’t have anything in common with a man twice her age. However, as time went on, he would stick around downstairs more and more frequently.

She Went on a Day Trip

One day, she decided to drive out of the city to go shopping and get food. When she was at the mall, she saw Manny with a young woman who was probably around her age. 

She didn’t think much of it because she knew Manny and Carrie had a daughter and thought it could’ve been her. However, when OP entered Victoria’s Secret, she saw them there and quickly left before they could see her. 

Being the nosy person that she is, OP decided to try to follow them around the mall and see what they were up to. It wasn’t her business, but she felt she had to do it.

When they came out of Victoria’s Secret, OP saw Manny carrying a large shopping bag and holding hands with the young woman. She pulled out her phone to take a video of that, and not even 10 seconds into the recording, they kissed! She decided that was enough evidence and high-tailed it before they saw her.

She sat on that information for the longest time, not knowing what to do. She knew that Manny and Carrie had been married for a really long time, and she didn’t want to meddle in someone else’s relationship. 

She Told Her Friend What She Had Seen

She also thought that maybe they were in an open marriage, and by bringing the information to Carrie, she would get mad at her for not minding her business. Eventually, though, she just got a secondary SIM card and sent Carrie the videos through text using that number.

A few days later, OP got a call from Carrie, who said she really wanted to see her. She was worried that Carrie somehow traced the video back to her and that she was upset at her. 

She went to the place where Carrie told her to meet with her, and when she got there, she saw a few other members of the book club there too. Carrie was very emotional and needed support, stating that she was getting a divorce and probably moving away.

He Was Having an Affair With Her Daughter

Now here’s where things get even worse. The young woman that OP saw Manny with was Carrie’s daughter from before she was married!

Carrie said that when she confronted Manny and her daughter, they were upfront about everything, saying that they’d been in love for the longest time and didn’t know how to come to her about it!

Apparently, they had been sleeping with each other since she turned 18 and planned to get married at some point – but they didn’t know how to go about it. OP really wanted to tell Carrie that she was the one that sent the video, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so.

They Remained Friends

Since then, OP has moved away, but Carrie treats her like a daughter. OP doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so she went to Carrie’s family’s Christmas last year. She has the lock code for Carrie’s house and can go over whenever she wants to hang out with her or spend the night. 

OP appreciates having Carrie in her life, but she’s troubled. She feels terrible for keeping the truth from Carrie and fears ruining their relationship if she tells her. It’s been eating away at her for the longest time, and she’s not sure what to do about it – hence her post to Reddit.

It’s a tough call for OP, but she must decide whether to come clean about sending the video or keep quiet and continue to enjoy the friendship she has with Carrie. No matter her choice, Carrie will hopefully understand that OP did it out of love and respect for her.

What do you think about this woman’s confession? Should she tell Carrie, or is it better left unsaid?

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