Her Husband Cheated Then Got Dumped by the Other Woman but Still Has Her on His Profile Photo! Would You Take Him Back?!

This story is about Olive, a woman grappling with the devastating aftermath of her husband’s affair. Caught in a web of betrayal and emotional turmoil, Olive is struggling with what to do. 

Her Husband Left for Another Woman

Olive desperately needs some perspective.

It’s her 56th birthday, a day that should contain joy and celebration. However, her life took an unexpected turn eight months ago when her husband of 35 years, at the age of 54, left her for his affair partner, a woman 23 years younger than him.

Their relationship had crumbled when the affair got exposed by the affair partner’s husband, a man in his mid-thirties. Olive’s husband confessed to being in love with the other woman and admitted to multiple instances of infidelity.

Emotionally Messy

He initially claimed remorse and guilt, making Olive believe he was coming clean out of genuine regret for his actions.

But as tears flowed and questions arose, the truth revealed itself: it was the affair partner’s husband who had caught them in the act, even recording their conversations, both the mundane and the sexually explicit ones.

It was an emotionally messy and tumultuous situation, made even more complicated by the fact that Olive’s husband and his affair partner worked together.

Heartbreak for Different Reasons

Since then, Olive and her husband have been living apart. The affair partner had chosen to remain with her husband and never left him, leaving Olive’s husband heartbroken.

He insisted that his heartbreak stemmed from the pain he had caused Olive, but the reality of his multiple affairs raised doubts. Never before had he shown such intense remorse over hurting Olive, whether through inappropriate relationships or other transgressions.

The situation left Olive with a jumble of emotions, exacerbated by the fact that the affair partner was younger than their own daughter!

Struggling With Her Self-Esteem

Olive understood that many would say she should have seen it coming or question what was wrong with her.

She battled with her self-esteem, struggling to reconcile her love for her husband with the pain he had caused. However, those issues were not the focus of her current question seeking help.

Throughout their marriage, whenever Olive found something her husband did insulting or upsetting, he would dismiss her feelings by saying, “Ask ten people; none of them would be upset about it. You are the only one.”

And so, on this day, Olive decided to take his words to heart and turn to the internet for their perspective.

Profile Picture With the Other Woman

While the affair partner had chosen to prioritize her marriage, Olive’s husband had been dropping hints and expressing a desire to reconcile. Olive found it challenging to hear those words, knowing that it was only because the affair partner had made her choice.

Yet, there was one lingering issue that continued to bother Olive: her husband still had a profile picture with the affair partner on a “professional” social media account.

It wasn’t just a picture of the two of them; there were other coworkers in it as well. However, the photo was taken during their affair, with the affair partner prominently positioned at the center.

An Outburst at Last

Olive had been patiently waiting for her husband to remove that picture, hoping it would be a sign that he was truly over the affair or, at the very least, considering her feelings for once. After all, he interacted with the site enough that he couldn’t have forgotten about it.

On her birthday, as they discussed their situation, Olive couldn’t hold back any longer and blurted out in frustration, “You still have her on your professional social media page after eight months!”

In response, her husband flipped out, dismissing her concerns as ridiculous. He claimed that no one but Olive would be upset about it, even going as far as suggesting she should ask ten women and see for herself.

Having Doubts

Olive found herself questioning whether she was the one in the wrong here, hence turning to Reddit to seek judgment. Was she to blame for feeling upset about her husband’s lingering connection to his affair partner on a “professional” platform?

Given the severity of his betrayal and the dismissive way he has handled Olive’s feelings, it would be in her best interest to consider ending the relationship. She should not settle for someone who does not value and honor the vows they made when they married.

A Toxic Relationship

Olive should focus on her own well-being and take steps to free herself from the toxic relationship. This may involve seeking legal counsel, ensuring that she receives what she is entitled to in a divorce settlement, and making a clean break from her husband.

The responses from online were overwhelmingly supportive of Olive, expressing their anger and frustration on her behalf. They emphasized that Olive deserved better than her husband’s disrespectful and unfaithful behavior.

The Audacity!

They strongly reacted to her husband’s audacity in keeping a picture of himself with the affair partner on his social media. Users expressed their anger and described him as a man with no shame or integrity. They also pointed out that there were a lot more than ten people upset with his actions!

Ultimately, Olive deserves to be treated with love, respect, and dignity. By prioritizing herself and moving forward without her husband, she can open the door to a better future where she can find someone who truly values and cherishes her.

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