She Says He Can’t Use Their Savings to Buy a “Boy’s Toy”, He Disagrees

She told her husband he couldn’t buy a new motorcycle because they were struggling financially. Here’s the full story.

They Often Fight Over Money

The original poster (OP) and her husband have been together for four years and have shared bank accounts.

Although they are a happy couple, financial arguments have become more frequent lately.

The husband used to be a successful entrepreneur, making well over $150,000 a year, and he had access to multiple lines of credit.

He used these lines of credit to purchase “toys” like snowmobiles, boats, and motorcycles, which he would enjoy for a season or two and sell for a profit.

They Moved Away For Her Job

After giving up his portion of the business to his family and moving to a new province for OP’s medical residency, he liquidated a portion of his assets, resulting in an extra $20K for the couple to spend on living expenses.

They agreed at the time that it should be allocated for their living expenses, and once they were in a good financial position later on in life, he could use the $20K to purchase some toys back.

For the first year and a half of OP’s medical residency, the husband was not working and sadly had depression and got addicted to alcoholism.

But things went well when he started working at a job that pays $110K a year a few months ago.

He Got a New Job, but They Have a Lot of Debt

OP is finishing her Family Medicine residency and has accrued $130K in debt from medical school. She currently makes $60K a year, but her income will be around $300K a year after graduation in two months.

The couple’s monthly net income is about $10K, and $1500 is allocated towards each person for a “fun fund,” in which they can spend the money on whatever they want.

Her husband currently has $3000 left over in his fun fund, which has been saved up from the previous few months. He is eyeing a motorcycle that is about $7K in price, which is more than double what he has left in his fun fund.

He Wants to Buy a New Motorcycle

He does not have a plan on how he will obtain the extra $4000.

The husband believes that the money he got from liquidating his old toys should be potentially returned to him, but the couple has other financial obligations.

They need to purchase a new vehicle as one of their vehicles broke down, which will be $15K. Plus, OP purchased him a new e-mountain bike a few months ago, which was $10K.

They are hoping to save for a down payment on a house in this new province, which will be about $150-200K. OP says he also has two other motorcycles which he doesn’t ride.

He Asked His Wife

So OP questioned him about where he would get the additional money when he requested her approval to purchase the motorcycle.

He claimed he would “figure it out” like he “always did in the past.” He then got quite upset with OP and accused her of not being supportive.

He claims he feels “trapped” because he will never be an adventurous, spontaneous entrepreneur again. As a result, they’ve been arguing a lot.

The financial arguments and disagreement over the motorcycle purchase have taken a toll on the couple’s relationship.

The Arguments Are Taking a Toll

OP asked Reddit whether she was wrong for disagreeing with her husband.

Most Redditors sided with OP and said she was right and that her husband needs to grow up.

Redditors said that OP’s partner has difficulties growing up and finding a new place for him in the world, and since their finances are shared, OP has the right to ask all these questions.

One Reddit user wrote, “You need to find a way to discuss money together without it becoming emotional. He’s obviously invested in regaining some of his old adventures, and his being adventurous might be part of why you fell for him. That said, if he doesn’t work out with you how the money is budgeted before buying another toy, he’s being selfish. That said, he sold 20k worth of stuff to help you through school, so he’s not only thinking of himself all the time.”

So what do you think? Was OP wrong?

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