Her Intrusive Future-Mother-In-Law Pushed Her Too Far, and She Snapped! Would You Have Done the Same?

In a recent Reddit post, a concerned individual sought advice after feeling overwhelmed by the intrusive behavior of her fiancé’s parents. Here’s the full story.

Problematic Parents-In-Law

The Original Poster (OP) aged 25 and her fiancé Jack aged 29 got engaged last year. Currently, they are planning to have their marriage in September.

A month ago, they moved into a new house, and OP shares that it seems as though their lives are coming together.

However, the main problem was that her future mother-in-law and father-in-law live three blocks away from them.


They have always treated OP like family, and OP says that they are wonderful people, yet they are incredibly intrusive.

They’ll show up unexpectedly and while OP’s cooking, they bring food over. On OP’s days off, the FIL will come over to fix stuff.

At least three times a week, they eat dinner with them. Her fiancé’s mother even offered to clean her laundry and every day his father calls them.

Like a Weird Sitcom

OP shares that it is like being a character in the “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode.

On the surface, everything seems good, and it is. OP says she appreciates their help.

However, OP says that she wants to take care of and cook for her fiancé and not just be a doll in the house.

Although OP’s fiancé gets along well with his family, he understands why OP gets irritated when his parents help him too much.

Breaking Point

The problem began when the other day, his mother brought dinner as OP was preparing it, and OP told her to go. OP told her that she needs to stop doing this and let her do her own thing.

She went on to say that her MIL and her husband are not welcome in the house anymore. His mother got offended and left.

Later, OP feel regret about the incident and said sorry to her and that she lost it in the heat of the moment.

OP’s fiance was furious with her and OP’s sister-in-law texted her and said OP was in the wrong. 

She Feels She Messed Up

OP shares that although she tried to apologize, her future mother-in-law was having none of it. Now OP feels like she messed up her marriage and doesn’t know what to do.

OP took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong for what she did and more than six hundred comments poured in.

One Reddit user wrote, “I think the main issue here is your fiance is not on the same page as you, so he is not enforcing the boundaries you have. A simple CALL before coming over would help out here. MIL knows she is stepping on your toes here by bringing food over though. Y’all need to sit them down and tell them straight. CALL before turning up, ASK before bringing over food.”

Lay Out Some Ground Rules First

Another Redditor commented, “You are in the wrong if you’ve never had honest conversations with your finacè and in-laws about boundaries and then just “snapped” (your word) when they crossed one they weren’t aware of. Rule of thumb, they’re your (future) in-laws, your fiancè should’ve led that conversation, and if he’s not on the same page as you, then there’s a deeper issue there.”

A third Redditor wrote, “Your fiancé needs to set boundaries with his parents.”

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