She Called the Cops on Her Landlord’s Nuisance Kids and Now She Is Being Evicted. Did She Go Too Far?

A Reddit user recounted their recent experience of calling the cops on their landlord’s kids and wondered if they were justified in their actions.

An Overbearing Landlord

The Original Poster (OP) has been living in a rented apartment for almost four years and has been experiencing invasive behavior from their landlord.

The landlord would send maintenance claiming it’s an “emergency” water leak situation when there isn’t, just to make sure OP’s place is clean.

Later on, the landlord would follow up with messages such as “Just so you know, my crew noticed a pair of shoes in the hallway, those need to be taken inside” or “My crew noticed you had garbage on the porch. Put it in a bin.” 

Despite being on the third floor and the rest of the building being vacant, the landlord’s crew still manages to notice the shoes and garbage, which means they must be physically going on OP’s porch to snoop.

She’s a Tidy Tenant

OP clarifies that their garbage is usually in bins, but on that particular day, they were disinfecting their bin, resulting in one single bag sitting on the porch.

OP has been experiencing an issue for the past year where her neighbor has been sending her twin girls to “sweep and mop” the hallway. However, the girls leave the hallway drenched, and OP has been cleaning it herself.

Her Daughters Have Become Nuisances

The lease does not mention anything about the neighbor’s responsibility to clean the hallway, and in fact, it states that OP is responsible for upkeep.

Despite this, the twin girls spend excessive time in the hallway, laughing, giggling, and conversing for over 30 minutes when it should only take a maximum of 5 minutes to clean.

OP has asked the neighbor to stop sending her children to clean the hallway, as she almost slipped with her child in her arms the last time they came due to the floors being soaked. However, the neighbor disregarded OP’s request and continued to send the girls.

OP had an experience where the girls showed up at her place, which she chose to ignore while her own kids were at school.

They Were Invading Her Privacy

Upon hearing them leave, she went out to her porch and overheard them discussing a package on her porch, expressing excitement and wonderment about the contents.

Concerned that the package might be the phone she had ordered for her son, OP went downstairs to investigate.

To her dismay, the girls had the box in their hands, shaking it, and examining it closely. They were also looking around to make sure no one was watching them.

Upon seeing this, OP immediately confronted them and called the police. While the girls were apologizing and claiming curiosity, OP was unfazed and held her ground.

She Was Evicted

As a result, OP’s landlord was furious and issued an eviction notice to OP. However, OP was not particularly concerned about the eviction, as she was planning to move out anyway.

The landlord accused OP of traumatizing her children by pressing charges for their curiosity and causing a serious charge on their record.

OP has experienced additional issues with the twin girls going through her belongings, such as her phone left on the hallway railing. When OP came out, she found that there were too many failed login attempts on her phone, indicating that someone had tampered with it.

These incidents indicate a pattern of invasion of OP’s privacy and property, which is why he called the cops for this latest incident.

What Redditors Said

Many Reddit users agree that OP is not the jerk in this situation. They suggest that OP should speak to a solicitor to determine if the eviction is unjustified, particularly given that the landlord had already breached the contract multiple times.

Some users recommend involving a tenant’s rights advocate and fighting eviction.

Other users feel that the children in question needed to learn a lesson about respecting others’ property and that the consequences they received were appropriate. Some suggest that adding cameras to the property might be a good idea for future security.

While a few users suggest that the eviction may not be illegal, they believe it is retaliatory and unjustified given that OP reported a crime against them.

What do you think? Was OP in the right or wrong in this situation?

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