She Asked Her Mother to Find Them an Affordable Hotel, She Booked 5* – Now They Owe Her!

This woman turned to her mother for vacation advice, and her mother then took it upon herself to book a 5-star hotel. She now expects her to pay for the hotel booking even though she never agreed to it.

Organizing a Birthday Trip

The Original Poster (OP) had been looking forward to her birthday trip with her boyfriend this summer.

Given her partner’s busy study schedule, OP took charge of researching affordable accommodation options.

Seeking her mother’s help, OP believed her knowledge and experience would be beneficial in finding suitable places to stay. Trusting her mother’s judgment, she approached her for help in making the booking.

Financial Burden

However, the problem began a few days later, when the mother made a reservation for two nights at a five-star hotel without informing OP or her partner in advance and then expected them to reimburse her. The booking was non-refundable, leaving the couple with an unexpected financial burden

OP mentions that the hotel is very lovely, but her mother didn’t tell them anything about it, made the decision without asking, and now the couple has to pay her when they planned to make the decision themselves.

The mother said she would help them with about 100 euros of the 350 euros, but the couple still owes her 250 euros.

Feeling Disrespected

OP says that while she appreciates her desire for a lovely touch, the fact that they are spending their money on a plan that her mother preferred and that she did not share with them makes it feel as if it is now her mother’s vacation and not theirs.

The mother’s acts seem disrespectful to OP and her boyfriend and she is quite upset that they were not given a choice and that, in addition, they also had to pay the woman.

OP shared with Reddit to ask for opinions and hundreds of comments poured in.

No Obligation, Don’t Pay

One Reddit user wrote, “Did you actually mention you needed help to find something affordable? Because I can’t get how she would understand that as if you wanted a 5 stars hotel.

Also, how can you be grateful for something you didn’t ask for? You asked her for help in finding something affordable and then you to do the booking and everything else.”

Another Redditor commented, “Too bad for her. She’s overstepped her role and it’s going to cost her 350€. You are under no obligation to pay her back. She was especially stupid to book something nonrefundable. Do not cave in and pay her.”

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