Her Neighbor Demanded She Hides Her Pink Car From Street View, but She Refused to Hide It

Her neighbor doesn’t appreciate her beloved pink Volkswagen Beetle and wants her to hide it in the garage. Her refusal to do so has resulted in a passive-aggressive battle. Here’s the full story.

A Sweet Little Pink Volkswagen Beetle

The Original Poster (OP) is a 22-year-old who received a sweet little Volkswagen Beetle from her grandfather when she first got her driving license when she turned 20.

OP was very happy that they were able to have it painted in her favorite color, as her grandfather owns an auto shop.

OP says even if it stops running, she probably won’t ever sell it because it’s so cute and pink.

Her car has never really been a problem for anyone; at most, she gets compliments on how cute it is.

Her Neighbor Doesn’t Like It

However, her neighbor does not like it.

About a week after she moved in with her roommates, her neighbor came over and told her that her car was an eyesore and damaged the neighborhood’s curb appeal.

OP expressed her regret that her neighbor felt that way but added she wasn’t sure what she expected her to do.

The neighbor requested that OP park it in the garage, but since there is only room for one car and there are three of them living here, OP replied she is unable to do so.

“It’s An Eyesore”

OP went on to say that it wouldn’t make sense for her to take the garage place since the person who parks their car works from home and they would have to pull their car out of the driveway each morning when OP would have to leave for the office.

Then, the neighbor reluctantly agreed and went back.

OP initially believed that was the end of it, but the neighbor later complained to the HOA, and when that failed, they started posting on the neighborhood app, making up excuses to be upset with “the loud college kids across the way.”

Nitpicking to the HOA

As of late, she has been coming outside to take pictures of OP’s car that’s parked in the driveway.

When OP saw this, she pressed the key fob, so the horn honked.

The neighbor was first frightened by it, but these days it merely aggravates her to the point where she storms back inside her home.

OP did it again today when she saw her taking a picture, and as a result, the neighbor left a note in OP’s mailbox stating that she was going to report OP for targeted harassment since she was being disruptive and childish.

Is It Targeted Harassment?

OP’s roommates believe that OP has made the situation worse by honking and that since the neighbor isn’t actually harassing OP by taking pictures, OP is being a little juvenile in her response.

OP took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for doing that, and several Redditors sided with OP and said she didn’t do anything wrong.

One Reddit user said that the neighbor is just being ridiculous and maybe jealous of OP’s car and that OP should complain to the police.

Another Redditor wrote, “What you should do is report her for harassment. The best thing is that you have proof, and you can get more proof. You have the HOA complaint. You have the posts on the neighborhood app. Next step is to get a security cam to record her taking pics of your car.”

A third Reddit user commented, “I think you’re being a little childish if you continue to honk the horn. You did it a few times, scared her, and let her know you were watching. Now, why don’t you write a quick note to your local police department advising them that you are being harassed by this neighbor? Be sure to list what she’s told you during your confrontations and the ways that she’s trying to get rid of you and your car. That way, when something happens, she will be the prime suspect. You could send her a copy of the letter after the cops have it.”

So what do you think? What would you do if you were in this situation? Is OP just being childish by honking?

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