Her Strange Roommate Develops a BIZARRE Obsession With Her Kitten and She Is Genuinely Concerned for Its Safety

This story is about Kat, a young woman entangled in an unexpected and challenging situation involving her beloved cat and her new roommate. Kat was unsure what to do and asked the internet for advice.

Deadly Flowers and Careless Roommates

Kat has been the proud owner of a kitten for about nine months, and her feline companion brings immeasurable joy and love into her life. Their bond is strong, and Kat cherishes every moment spent with her beloved pet.

Recently, a new housemate named Sara moved in, and her room happens to be on the same floor as Kat’s. 

From the very beginning, they had warned Sara about the dangers of buying lilies and other toxic flowers for cats. Despite the warnings, Sara repeatedly purchases these flowers, including lilies and tulips, which pose a significant risk to feline health.

Kat and her other roommate, Tiffany, have made every effort to educate Sara about the harmful effects of these flowers, but their words seem to fall on deaf ears.

The Audacity

One day, Kat returned home to find her cat’s nose completely yellow, a clear sign that she had come into contact with the toxic flowers. To make matters worse, Sara’s room door was wide open, indicating that she had been careless in safeguarding the cat.

This sight filled Kat with anger and fear for her pet’s well-being. Confronting Sara about the incident, she received dismissive laughter and a comment along the lines of, “Oh, one of my friends said it’s not that bad.” Such nonchalance only heightened Kat’s frustration.

The Cat as an Accessory

But that wasn’t all. Sara went a step further and requested to “borrow” Kat’s cat for her own purposes.

She would bring the cat into her room, shut the door, and position her in specific poses just to capture seemingly meaningless photos. These pictures would then find their way onto social media, including one in which the cat was sniffing Sara’s tulips.

Sara even used the cat’s photos for her online profiles and created a wall adorned with pictures of the cat in her office. It seemed as though Sara saw the cat as nothing more than a trendy accessory to flaunt.

Chasing and Cornering

To make matters worse, Sara would often search for the cat as soon as she returned home, despite the cat’s protests and attempts to escape her clutches. The poor animal would try to flee from Sara’s advances, only to be chased and cornered while Sara stomped her feet in a disruptive manner.

But what truly sent Kat’s mind spiraling into chaos was when Sara’s boyfriend came over, claiming that he missed the cat. He rarely acknowledged Kat or her other roommate, but he seemed strangely obsessed with spending time with the cat.

On such occasions, they would lure the cat upstairs, leaving the door open, and then attempt to coax her inside before shutting the door. This behavior raised serious concerns for Kat, and she decided to take action to protect her beloved pet.

Stealthy Snatching

When Sara informed the roommates about her boyfriend’s impending visit, Kat’s instincts kicked in. Determined to prevent any interaction between the boyfriend and her cat, Kat brought the feline into her room and turned off all the lights.

However, Sara surreptitiously entered Kat’s room, silently snatched the sleeping cat from beneath her feet, and left without arousing suspicion!

While pretending to be asleep, Kat informed her other roommate about the incident, prompting her to head upstairs and feign concern for the kitten’s whereabouts.

Just as the roommate ascended the stairs, Sara opened her door, released the cat, and casually mentioned, “Oh, here’s kitty.” Realizing the gravity of the situation, the roommate swiftly returned the cat to Kat’s room, and Kat, still pretending to sleep, turned off the lights once again.

To Kat’s astonishment and frustration, Sara repeated the same act just five minutes later, taking the cat once more! 

The Struggle to Confront a Friend turned Foe

Kat was beyond angry, but she felt trapped.

Confronting Sara seemed daunting since they were friends and Kat was younger. They used to hang out together like sisters, but now things had changed, and Kat couldn’t see Sara the same way.

The dilemma is extra-complicated because they have already signed a one-year lease for the next year, and Kat cherishes living with her other roommate.

Kat is at a crossroads, torn between preserving the friendship and safeguarding her feline friend. 

Safeguarding the Feline Friend 

Kat must confront her roommate and address the situation head-on to put an end to this ordeal once and for all. It is crucial to establish boundaries and assert ownership over her beloved cat.

This feline companion is not an object or an accessory for Sara to use at her whim. If Sara desires a cat, she should take responsibility and adopt one of her own.

Protective Measures

To safeguard her cat and maintain privacy, Kat should take proactive measures such as locking her bedroom door and securing any spare keys. If necessary, she may even consider changing the locks or utilizing locks that require physical keys for added security.

It is essential to protect her personal space from unauthorized intrusion.

Kat needs to stand her ground and not allow herself to be taken advantage of. Age differences and emotional maturity should not dictate the power dynamics in their relationship. By asserting her rights and confronting Sara, Kat can demonstrate her strength and protect her beloved pet.

How would you handle a situation where someone treated your beloved pet as if it were an accessory or toy?

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