Her Nightmare Customer Harassed Her Both at Work and Outside of Work, but She’s the One Facing Harassment Charges

Barb, the Original Poster (OP) has been working at the same property for a few years now. She’s seen her fair share of difficult customers and tenants, but nothing could have prepared her for the nightmare that was about to ensue.

She Often Worked Alone

As the Night Auditor and shift manager, she often worked alone during the graveyard shift in a property that was in a less-than-ideal location. However, Barb had grown accustomed to the job and had developed a thick skin to deal with any situations that may arise.

It was a Tuesday night, around 3 am, when a young-ish gentleman checked in with an older woman. The reservation was a standard third-party booking, and Barb processed it as such. The gentleman had booked a single queen bedroom, and Barb handed him the keys and sent them up to their room.

A Seemingly Normal Check In

However, the peace was short-lived as they came back down, screaming about how they had booked a two-bedroom and Barb had made a mistake. She explained to them that she had no control over the room type, and after two hours of arguing, their reservation got updated to a two-bedroom.

The nightmare continued when Thursday’s check-out came around, and the older woman requested a late check-out. However, they had sold out of late check-outs, and Barb informed her that it was not possible to accommodate her request.

The woman then demanded a full refund for the room, claiming that she had received no service during her two-day stay. She also mentioned that they never had any breakfast as it was never out when they went down.

She Demanded a Refund

Barb tried to explain that breakfast schedules were given upon check-in, and several signs throughout the property indicated the breakfast schedule. She also reviewed the video footage from the dining room, which showed that the woman came down two hours after breakfast had ended.

Furthermore, Barb checked the housekeeping assignments for their room, which indicated that the woman had left the DND sign on the door until well after 7 pm, so they hadn’t provided any service.

However, the situation escalated when the woman demanded to speak to the General Manager, and then she accused Barb of being incompetent and the worst at her job. The woman continued to scream, and Barb couldn’t help but chuckle in the back. She was still there when Barb left work at 1 pm, and according to the second shift manager, she was still there at 5 pm.

She Wouldn’t Let it Go

The nightmare didn’t end there. The next day, when Barb went to the grocery store for some groceries, she ran into the woman. The woman began screaming at her in the middle of the store and even brought up Barb’s upbringing, demanding to speak to her parents so she could tell them everything they did wrong. 

It was a sore spot for Barb, especially since her father had recently passed away in January. She wore a necklace with some of his ashes, and when the woman demanded to speak to her parents, Barb showed her the necklace and said, “Here’s my father. Feel free to speak to him. He’s not much for conversation, but he listens very well.” Barb walked away and finished her shopping.

She Ran Into Her the Supermarket and Continued Berating Her

The nightmare took a turn for the worse when Barb came in to work and found out that the woman had opened a customer care case, accusing Barb of hitting her with the necklace and threatening to dump the ashes on her at work! Barb couldn’t believe what she was hearing. 

Luckily she knew that her employer would back her side, but she couldn’t believe the extent to which this woman had it out for her! It’s one thing getting angry at someone at their place of work but harassing them out of work takes it to a whole new level!

Redditors suggested that Barb report the harassment to the police, DNR the older woman from the property, contact the store for video footage, and report her to the brand. They advised Barb to tell the older woman to leave her alone if she ever approached her outside of work, or she would call the police.

Report Her for Harassment

They also suggested that Barb make a police report about the harassment to establish a reported pattern, as this was the second time the older woman had threatened her.

Now Barb is frustrated and angry, but she knows that she can’t let this woman get the best of her. Barb has to keep her cool and not let this woman affect her work or her mental health. She knows that she had a team that had her back and that they would support her through this ordeal!

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of treating others with respect and understanding. In any situation, it’s crucial to approach others with empathy and kindness, even when things don’t go as planned – which is something this woman failed at completely.

Barb did well by not reacting to this woman’s harassment while she was out. Would you have been able to react similarly?

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