She Was Blamed for Her Parents Infidelity When They Found Out What She Knew

This is the extraordinary tale of Ava, a young woman who grew up surrounded by her parents’ infidelity. Her parents finally found out that she has known about their affairs, and they’re furious – at her! Can you believe it? Let’s take a look at this sad story.

A Hidden Affair

From a young age, Ava witnessed her mother engaging in a secret romance with a coworker.

Feeling confused and unsure, Ava turned to that very coworker of her mother’s for guidance. Although the details of their conversation are hazy in her memory, she recalls the kindness he showed her, advising her to keep quiet to spare her father’s feelings.

For about a year, Ava felt a sense of guilt whenever she saw her mother leave for work or stay late at the restaurant.

Becoming an Accomplice

However, her perspective shifted when her father brought another woman home one day while her mother was away. It was then that Ava’s perception shifted, and she concluded (after a lot of googling) that her parents were actually in an open relationship. A

s she grew older, Ava realized that this assumption was far from the truth. Despite being foolish, her parents cottoned on that Ava knew and shamelessly exploited it to facilitate their extramarital affairs!

From her fifteenth birthday onward, Ava became an unwitting accomplice in her parents’ deceit.

They coerced her into making excuses for their whereabouts, orchestrating secret rendezvous with their lovers, and essentially becoming a pawn in their cheating game. 

The Normalization of Dysfunction

Despite finding their behavior utterly absurd, Ava never confronted them.

Her parents’ actions became so normalized that it never occurred to her to speak up.

Eventually, Ava left for university, severing the ties that had bound her parents together. With her absence, she anticipated their marriage crumbling under the weight of their own foolishness.

Like toddlers who require constant supervision to prevent them from endangering themselves, Ava had played the role of mediator, preventing her parents from provoking each other and intervening whenever their misguided schemes threatened to unravel.

The Divorce Announcement

Her prediction proved accurate when her parents announced their impending divorce at a recent family gathering. An awkward silence enveloped the room before erupting into a chaotic battle, each parent attempting to make the other look worse.

Witnessing this spectacle, Ava couldn’t help but laugh, thinking they resembled children reenacting a melodramatic soap opera.

The atmosphere shifted when Ava revealed that she had known about their infidelities for over seven years. The silence that followed wasn’t amusing to her; it was a testament to the emotional turmoil she had endured in keeping their secrets.

Their reaction was explosive!

Put the Blame on Her

They accused Ava of shattering their marriage, claimed that they could have worked things out if they had known sooner, and scolded her for her silence.

They lashed out, questioning how she could have betrayed them in this manner. Feeling overwhelmed, Ava left the gathering and retreated to her own apartment.

It appeared that her parents had only recently discovered each other’s cheating, and now they were outraged that she had exposed their long-standing deceit.

In their eyes, Ava had been “playing both sides” and manipulating them.

Conflicting Reactions

In the two weeks since that tumultuous gathering, Ava has been bombarded with calls from various family members.

Some expressed bewilderment that her parents could have engaged in such behavior, while others, more familiar with their ways, offered condolences and apologies for what she had endured.

However, the consensus seemed to be that she was in the wrong for not divulging the truth earlier.

Ava’s Perspective

Ava, however, holds a different perspective.

She firmly believes that her parents reaped what they sowed. They expected the freedom to cheat without consequences, yet couldn’t bear the thought of being cheated on themselves.

Their hypocrisy astounds her, and in her eyes, they are both reprehensible individuals who deserve each other’s company.

The fact that they immediately sought divorce upon learning about each other’s infidelity only confirmed Ava’s belief that they wished to keep it hidden behind each other’s back.

Navigating Uncharted Territory

Amidst the turmoil, Ava finds herself at a loss. Her parents have not directly communicated with her during these two weeks, with all contact mediated through other people.

She finds herself in the unfamiliar position of not speaking to either of her parents for an extended period of time, unsure of how to navigate the situation.

Empathy and Understanding

Redditors empathized with Ava’s position and were outraged at her parent’s selfish behavior. One user said, “Who uses their kid to hide infidelity? And both of them?! I’d go no contact with your entire family, including the ones blaming you for not speaking up sooner.”

Ava needs to prioritize her own happiness and forge a path that allows her to break free from the toxic patterns of her parent’s relationship. Hopefully she understands that none of this is her fault or her responsibility. Her parents need to grow up – fast.

How would you react if you were in Ava’s shoes? Do you think Ava should continue to maintain a relationship with her parents?

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