Her Ratbag Nephews Flushed Her $30K Engagement Ring. Now She Wants Her Brother to Pay Her Back

This Redditor plans to sue her brother after his kids flushed her expensive engagement ring down the toilet. This is her full story.

An Expensive Engagement Ring

The Original Poster (OP) is a woman who lives in Canada with her husband. She also has a brother who is married and has two sons, ages 4 and 8.

OP had a costly engagement ring. It cost her husband about $30,000. She used to wear it all the time, but as time passed, she wore it less and less. Most of the time, she just kept it in her walk-in closet and only wore it for special occasions.

A Family Dinner

Recently, OP hosted a family dinner. Among the attendees were her brother and her two nephews.

OP was not wearing her engagement ring at the family dinner since she was hosting and would be doing most of the work.

After dinner, OP cleaned up the dishes while the other adults hung out and chatted in the outdoor patio area. Meanwhile, OP’s nephews wandered off to play without anyone noticing.

Ultimately, the nephews ended up in OP’s master bedroom and started playing with various items. No surprise, the engagement ring was among them.

Her Missing Nephews

When the family realized the nephews were missing, they searched for them and found them in the master bathroom. The boys knew they’d be in trouble for playing with OP’s stuff, so they panicked.

Part of that panic involved flushing OP’s precious engagement ring down the toilet.

OP called a plumber immediately, hoping that the ring had gotten stuck in the trap of the toilet pipe. But when the plumber took things apart, the ring was nowhere to be found. It was gone forever.

In a Panic, They Flushed It

Since OP had kept the original receipt for the ring, she sent him a scanned copy after the party as proof of the ring’s cost. She wanted him to reimburse her for her loss.

But OP’s brother was having none of it and immediately called his sister a jerk. He said that they were family and she was being unreasonable for expecting him to pay for something his boys had done. 

They were just kids, he said and flatly refused to give OP the cost of the ring.

She Wanted Her Brother to Pay

Frustrated by her brother’s response, OP told him that she would take him to court over the matter if she had to. That turned the entire family against her, with many of them bombarding her with messages, urging her to let it go and not sue family members.

Unfortunately, OP found out the day after her nephew flushed the ring that it wasn’t insured. It seems her husband had forgotten to take out a policy in the years they had been married.

The Insurance Had Lapsed

Armed with that fact, OP was left with two choices – collect the money from her brother, or lose the engagement ring for good.

OP really wanted to get her ring back, so she suggested a payment plan to her brother. But he told her that he couldn’t afford to repay even $100 per month and rejected any repayment plan.

OP’s brother burned one of his last bridges with her when he suggested she sell her car if she wanted a replacement ring.

Despite his claims of financial hardship, OP knows that her brother and his wife make good money. What’s more, they live in the house OP’s parents gave them when she bought them a new one. Their expenses should be minimal.

Seeking Legal Assisstance

At this point, OP is consulting a family lawyer and is also considering hiring an investigator to prove that her brother can afford to replace the ring.

Redditors have a variety of opinions on this situation.

Many of them think the brother is for sure responsible since he wasn’t watching his kids, and they think he should pay.

Others find it hard to believe that OP had a ring that valuable, and no one bothered to make sure it was insured.

Still, others suggest that the ring might not have gotten flushed at all and that it either walked out of the house with someone else or is tucked away somewhere in that bedroom.

So, what do you think of this story? Should OP’s brother have to pay for the ring that his kids flushed? Or should OP take it up and accept the loss?

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