Religious Family Banned Her From Playing KISS Music to Her Nephew, Fearing It Would Open the Gates to Hell

The power of music to ignite emotions, spark memories, and inspire change is undeniable. However, music preferences can also become a source of tension, particularly when intertwined with deeply held religious beliefs. In a recent Reddit post, a user found herself in a similar situation. 

Strict Church Rules

The Original Poster (OP), Emma, hails from a Southern Baptist church, where the atmosphere was strict and dancing was frowned upon.

Emma shared her experience of being bullied for attending a youth group late due to her soccer practice. She was even labeled a Satanist due to this and endured judgment by her peers.

While her parents eventually moved on to a less intense church and embraced a more open-minded approach, her sister Jane remained in the Southern Baptist church, upholding its beliefs.

A Joke Gone Wrong

Fast forward to the present, where Jane is now married and has a nine-month-old son.

Recently, Emma playfully expressed her desire to be the fun aunt and introduce her nephew to different experiences and music.

She jokingly mentioned taking him to a KISS concert.

However, Jane’s husband responded with a statement that reflected a deep-seated bias.

He claimed that KISS stood for “Knights in Satan’s Service” and insinuated that the band’s music condemned them to hell.

Music Leads to Damnation

Emma, well-informed about KISS and their members’ Jewish background, countered his claim, highlighting the band’s stance against anti-Semitism and their individual experiences with religion.

Yet, her sister added another layer to the conversation by asserting that other people don’t understand Jesus’s sacrifice and hold beliefs associated with Satan.

This implication not only perpetuated stereotypes but also hurt Emma personally, as it suggested that her own taste in music would lead her to damnation.

History Unknown

Emma has a complex relationship with religion based on previous and unmentioned experiences, so when something as music tastes is criticized for religious reasons she cannot help but feel criticized.

As a result, she took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong for feeling offended.

Several Redditors said that Emma was not wrong and pointed out that religious guilt doesn’t mean anything.

More Like a Cult

One Reddit user wrote, “You’re not wrong, but you cannot reason a person out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into. If they were willing and able to actually think about their beliefs then they wouldn’t be religious.”

Another Redditor added, “It sounds more like a cult than a religion…oh wait. Not to say all are like this and this is not normal behavior, I believe in the greater good in people. What you were subjected to your entire life, was not the greater good. It was abuse.”

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