Religious Stepmom Threatened to Burn Her Goth Clothes in a Furious Outburst!

In a recent Reddit post, a user shared her conflict with having a religious stepmother who grounded her for being Goth. Here’s the full story.

Everything Goth

Sarah has always been drawn to the Goth subculture.

She loves horror movies and all things Goth, and her demeanor often reflects a slightly eerie and mysterious aura.

However, unlike some stereotypical Goths, her interests do not extend to extreme measures.

The most daring thing she’s ever done is pick up a book on basic witchcraft.

For Sarah, Goth is about finding comfort and relaxation in a unique style that allows her to be truly herself.

In the Shadows

But her stepmother, a devout Christian, and a self-absorbed narcissist, despised her from the start.

It became increasingly evident when Sarah’s younger sister was born.

Suddenly, Sarah was pushed into the shadows and forgotten.

It took a staggering four years before Sarah finally received any acknowledgment as a person, rather than just an inconvenient presence.

Her stepmother’s disdain for her Goth identity was rooted in her belief that it was merely a phase, something she would eventually grow out of.

Her Love for Goth Grew

While there may be some truth to that assumption, it doesn’t make Sarah any less of who she is in the present moment.

It’s essential to understand that Sarah’s love for horror movies and Goth aesthetics has evolved over time.

She used to cry during horror movies until she was about ten years old. It was only later that she found solace and fascination in the genre.

Trouble Brewing

The story took a turn one evening, when Sarah returned home from Hot Topic with some new Goth clothing. However, Sarah unknowingly walked into a storm of emotions.

She was excited to show off her latest purchases to her friends at the beginning of the school year.

Little did she know that her stepmother had other plans for her.

The stepmother stormed into her room, her anger palpable, and began yelling at her.

A Furious Reaction

Sarah was abruptly awakened, completely bewildered by the sudden onslaught.

Her words pierced the air as she demanded that she throw away the “tacky and trashy” clothes she had bought.

Threatening to burn them if she didn’t comply, she cited her religious beliefs as the basis for her demands.

At that moment, Sarah couldn’t help but burst into maniacal laughter.


The irony and absurdity of her statement overwhelmed her.

This reaction only served to further enrage her stepmother.

Confused, she questioned why she found her demands funny and expressed fear at her reaction.

Through her laughter, Sarah managed to communicate that her attempts to control her were pointless.

Sarah asserted that her purchases were entirely her own, and the stepmother had no authority over what she chose to do with them.

Punishment Followed

Unfortunately, Sarah’s defiance came with a price.

She was promptly grounded until she got rid of those sinful clothes and the demon-worshiping games.

Sarah felt hurt about what happened and she took to Reddit for opinions.

One Reddit user wrote, “Have you ever thought of using her religious narcissistic attitude against her? Next time she says something just say this to make her mad but know that she said it herself, just say, “Didn’t Jesus say love the sinner, but not the sin?””

Another Redditor commented, “I mean if she started destroying the property you had paid for, you call the cops. Force them to take a report, and threaten to go to CPS about the stepmom.”

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