Her Roommate Has Become an Influencer Thanks to Her Cats, Now She Wants a Share in the Profits. Her Roommate Says No!

A Reddit user asked the community on a subthread if she was in the wrong for asking her roommate for a cut of her earnings from using her cats as social media influencers.

She’s a Cat Person

The Original Poster (OP) has two wonderful cats and a very good roommate named Emma (25f). OP doesn’t use social media and avoids identifying platforms because of a life-threatening stalker who continues to haunt her.

OP doesn’t allow her friends to post pictures of her on social media for safety reasons. She has a restraining order and other protective measures in place. Throughout their friendship, Emma has consistently respected OP’s boundaries.

Emma approached OP and asked if she could share pictures of OP’s two lovely cats on her social media account. While OP had no problem with her cats being posted online, she refrained from doing so herself for safety reasons.

She Shared Pictures of OP’s Cats on Social Media

Emma was quite talented in photography and videography and her creativity led to great content, with the added bonus that she was attractive. This combination made for a surefire recipe for views, especially when it comes to videos of adorable cats with a beautiful girl.

OP noticed that Emma’s social media profiles have gained significant popularity in the last few months. Her videos and pictures of OP’s cats were getting hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of views.

She’s Become an Influencer

As a result, Emma is now in a position to earn a decent income from featuring OP’s cats on her social media platforms. Emma has been approached by various companies regarding partnerships and has even been asked to work for an official social media management firm.

OP was thrilled when Emma told her about the partnerships and social media management offers she received. She was happy for her friend’s success, but during the conversation, OP requested a 30% share of any profits Emma made from featuring OP’s cats on her social media.

A Share of the Profits

OP’s request for a 30% share of profits from Emma’s social media management offers did not sit well with her friend. Emma argued that she was the one putting in all the effort and time creating the content that was gaining all the views.

OP countered by pointing out that she was the one buying all the cat food, paying the vet bills, and taking care of the litter box. OP even added that she could move out anytime, taking the subject of Emma’s content with her.

This was not meant to be a threat but rather to highlight that the proposed revenue stream completely depended on OP as the owner.

Emma argued that since the cats lived with both of them, it was essentially free real estate.

They’re Ultimately Her Cats

Although OP acknowledged that Emma spent more time with the cats since she worked from home, OP emphasized that they were still her cats. She owned them before they moved in together and they slept with her every night.

OP also cared for them and ensured they received love and attention upon her return from work.

Additionally, OP set up a financial account for the cats in case something happened to her and made sure their microchips had her name and phone number.

Another issue raised was the income difference between OP and her roommate. OP earned four times as much as Emma, and although OP wasn’t struggling financially, she felt it was only fair that the 30% share of profits went to her since she paid for all pet care expenses.

What Redditors Said

Reddit users generally agree that OP is not being a jerk for requesting a share of any future profits made off of her cats, but it would be unreasonable to demand a cut of any previous profits.

While some suggest a more reasonable cut between 10-15%, others recommend that OP and Emma negotiate a fair share based on pet care expenses and consider opening a separate account for cat-related funds.

Some suggest that Emma should be responsible for sharing in cat care duties, as she is profiting from their presence.

Negotiate a Fair Deal

A few users caution that expecting 30% of any future profits is too high and that OP may lose a great living situation over a few bucks. They suggest that OP and Emma negotiate a more reasonable percentage or split.

Others suggest that Emma can consider getting her own cat or renting an animal actor, which can be more expensive. Nonetheless, users advise OP and Emma to sit down and have a reasonable conversation to reach a fair agreement.

What do you think if you were OP? Would you move forward with this request?

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