She Grew Tired of Her Sister-In-Law’s Passive Aggressive Bullying, She Was Always Criticising Her “Unique Name!”

A frustrated woman turned to the Reddit community to ask if they were in the wrong for asking their sister-in-law to stop using their name as an example of what not to do when naming their children.

She’s Been a Part of the Family for a Long Time

The Original Poster (OP) is a 26-year-old woman named Wren who is married to Jax, also 26. They have been in a relationship since they were 19, and OP has known Jax’s family for most of that time.

While they are generally close, Jax’s sister Katherine has a problem with OP’s name. Whenever she wants to give an example of a terrible name, Katherine uses Wren as an example.

This first happened when OP and Jax were still dating a few months into their relationship. Katherine was expecting her first child and during a dinner where she and her husband were discussing names, Katherine blurted out that she was open to a lot of names as long as they were not dumb like Wren.

She Insulted Her Name

Jax and his parents called Katherine out on her behavior, but she dismissed them.

After Katherine’s oldest child was born, there was a disagreement between Katherine and her husband over what to name the child. Katherine expressed her distaste for names like Wren, saying that she did not want her child to have a “stupid non-name” like that.

OP’s husband spoke up and told Katherine that she needed to find a different name to use and that he would not allow her to continue disrespecting OP’s name.

Katherine told OP’s husband that she was sure OP would agree with her about the uniqueness of her name. However, when OP chimed in and said that she actually loved her own name, Katherine was left speechless.

She Loves Her the Uniqueness of Her Name

She eventually agreed to choose a normal name for her child, instead of something “cooler” or “edgier” or “different.” OP’s husband reminded Katherine that it was not their place to decide what name someone should have and that it was unnecessary to bring up OP’s name in the conversation.

Although Katherine improved her behavior towards OP’s name, she still occasionally uses it as an example of a terrible name when her husband is not around.

While Katherine does not express any dislike for the name of OP’s child, she continues to use Wren as her go-to example of a name that should never be used. However, she does not talk about it as frequently as she used to.

Last Saturday, OP and her family were at her husband’s parents’ house. While OP was with her child, Katherine was attempting to calm down her own two younger children.

Suddenly, a family member whom OP did not know well entered the room and started seeking advice on what to name her upcoming baby. Once again, Katherine used Wren as an example of a terrible name, much to OP’s dismay.

She Did It Again!

During a recent family gathering, Katherine expressed even more hatred towards the name Wren. She called it ridiculous and claimed that parents who chose that name should have their children taken away.

OP intervened and confronted Katherine about her constant use of Wren as an example of a bad name. OP reminded her that she loved her own name and did not want to hear it being disrespected.

Additionally, OP was upset that Katherine had insulted her parents by making such an extreme statement.

The cousin who was present was shocked by Katherine’s behavior and left the gathering. In response to OP’s confrontation, Katherine argued that she should be able to say what she wants and that OP was being entitled by telling her what she could and could not say.

When OP’s husband overheard the argument, he suggested that they leave and told Katherine that she had gone too far. Despite this, Katherine insists that OP was the one who overstepped. 

What Redditors Said

Reddit users overwhelmingly sided with the original poster, calling the sister-in-law a bully and advising OP to limit contact with her.

Some suggested that the sister-in-law’s behavior might stem from jealousy or a deeper problem with the original poster. Many also complimented the name Wren as a lovely and unique name.

One user wrote “What a messy situation to be in. I understand why that makes you feel bad. I have never heard the name Wren before – I think it is a pretty unique and nice name. Wear it with pride!”

What do you think? What would you do if you were OP?

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