She Lost Her Beloved Cat, Only to Later Realise Her Sister Had Stolen the Cat and Taken It Home!

This tale of sisterly betrayal is a doozy! A young woman tells the story of when her sister stole her cat!

Close Sisters

The original poster (OP) has always been close to her younger sister, Emma, even though the latter is entitled and spoiled. Growing up, Emma got treated better than OP, and she always got anything she wanted.

Nobody in the family ever said no to her, and if she did not get her way, she would pout, sulk, cry, or whine until someone caved. Despite her behavior, OP continued to have a close relationship with Emma and even gave her a house key for emergencies.

She Got a Cat

One month, OP decided that she wanted a companion to keep her company during the day. She thought of getting a cat and spent a few days researching the proper way to care for one, including vet care, the best food, grooming, and dealing with different temperaments.

She also bought everything she needed to care for her new pet, including food, an automatic water bowl, a bunch of toys, catnip, a cat bed, a cat tree, and a few other things.

Once OP was ready, she started looking for cats to adopt. She decided that she wanted a cat, not a kitten, and went to the second shelter she visited.

That was where she found Freya, a pure white kitty that caught her attention from a distance. When she went over to Freya’s enclosure, the cat immediately started rubbing on the glass and softly meowing.

A staff member opened her enclosure, and Freya rubbed all over OP, purred so loud that she vibrated hard, and even licked her hand several times. She was smitten and knew that Freya was the perfect cat for her.

She Bought Freya Home

Emma also fell in love with Freya almost immediately. She constantly said how much she wished Freya was hers and how good she would treat her. She even told OP that she would make Freya a service animal.

She brushed these comments off, thinking that Emma was just being playful. However, one day, Emma said that she deserved to take Freya because she was getting a divorce and needed company.

Neither of them had kids, so Emma thought that Freya would make a good companion for her.

Emma Wanted Freya

OP was completely caught off guard by this request and told Emma that she would never give up her cat. Freya was like her child, and she could not imagine parting with her.

She thought that Emma was just being entitled again and hoped that she would drop it. However, she was wrong.

About five weeks after that conversation, OP came home from work one day and immediately noticed that Freya did not meet her at the door.

The cat always greeted her when she came home, and it was unusual for her not to be there. She started calling her, but she did not come. She tried shaking her can of treats, but that did not work either.

Feya Was Missing

By this point, she was frantically searching every inch of her house, but there was no sign of Freya. The cat was nowhere to be found.

Her heart sank when she realized that she must have accidentally let Freya out when she left for work that morning. Freya was a strictly indoor cat, and the thought of her being out on her own was terrifying.

OP felt guilty and worried about Freya, so she put up missing pet ads in all the local pet groups, put up flyers everywhere, knocked on the door of everyone on her block, and asked if they could keep an eye out for her.

She even spread some of her litter in the front yard and put out a humane trap with tuna. She was a mess without her beautiful, sweet cat and cried so much that her face was puffy, and she could barely eat or sleep.

Emma Has a New Cat!?

One day, about a week after Freya went missing, OP was talking to a mutual friend of hers and Emma. The friend casually asked if OP had seen Emma’s beautiful new white cat. Her heart skipped a beat – she knew it was Freya.

She got home, immediately called Emma, and started yelling, “You stole my cat! How could you! How dare you! You had no right to take my cat.

How could you do this to me?” Emma’s voice was dripping with attitude when she responded, “I told you I deserved to have Freya more than you. She is meant to be my cat. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.”

OP’s face went red with anger. She told her sister, “No! You will give me my cat right now, or I will absolutely call the police and press charges for theft and for breaking and entering.”

Thirty minutes later, OP picked up Freya from her sister’s. There was a litter box and cat bed sticking out of her trash can. 

They’ve Gone Low Contact

After that, OP went very low contact with her sister. She no longer visits; they don’t talk or text and only see each other on major holidays.

Freya is still a part of OP’s life, and she is so grateful for her. She still can’t believe her sister felt entitled toward her cat and that she had the nerve to steal her. She finishes by saying, “Some people just blow my mind.”

What do you think of this tale? Should she press charges?

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