Her Sister Was a Bridezilla Bully, Her Bad Behavior Made Her Lose Most of Her Bridesmaids!

A woman recently asked in a Reddit subthread if they were in the wrong for leaving their sister’s wedding reception early after they got in a big fight.

Her Sister’s Getting Married

The Original Poster (OP) has two sisters, one named Shirley who is 28, and the other named Mary who is 21. Shirley, who is getting married, has displayed her naturally bossy and controlling nature causing a few dramas throughout the months of planning.

In the beginning, Shirley had chosen six bridesmaids, including OP (26F), her sister Mary (21), three friends, and her sister-in-law.

A Large Bridal Party

However, one of the friends decided to leave the bridal party because Shirley requested each bridesmaid contribute $300 towards the bachelorette party.

A few weeks later, Shirley’s sister-in-law also left because Shirley wanted all the bridesmaids to have matching hair colors, which would require the two blondes, including Shirley and Mary, to dye their hair brown.

All of these incidents have caused Shirley to become even more controlling and irritable, especially towards her youngest sister, who has always sought her approval.

Not Everyone Is Committed

On the other hand, Mary has agreed to all of Shirley’s demands, including changing her hair color, losing weight, and taking time off work to help prepare for the wedding. She even agreed to look after the guests’ children during part of the reception.

On the day of the wedding, tensions were high. During the hair and makeup preparations, Shirley began yelling at everyone, including her sisters.

Bridezilla Has Arrived

At one point, she caught Mary eating and made a rude comment about her weight, insinuating that this was the reason why she looked fat in her dress. It should be noted that Shirley had gotten Mary a dress two sizes smaller than the others.

OP tried to remain calm and not escalate the situation, understanding that Shirley was likely under a lot of stress. OP took Mary to another room to finish her makeup, hoping that Shirley would calm down. However, this caused some drama, but Shirley quickly got over it.

More Drama at the Reception

During the reception, the biggest drama unfolded between OP’s sisters, Shirley and Mary. Mary believed that she was responsible for watching the children during the speeches, cake-cutting, and first dances to ensure that no child ruined the footage of those special moments.

However, before any of that could happen, OP found Shirley yelling in Mary’s face at the back of the venue. It turned out that there was some crucial footage that Shirley wanted to capture at the beginning of the ceremony, but it was now ruined because Mary was somewhere else.

She Stood up for Her Sister

OP intervened, which only escalated the situation, and Shirley started yelling at OP. However, OP also yelled back, leading to a heated argument. Shirley accused them of ruining her wedding, and OP sarcastically retorted that they would do better on her next one.

Unfortunately, the stress and tension of the situation became too much for Mary, who had a few drinks and ended up throwing up.

Shirley’s anger continued to escalate after the argument with OP, and she became even more irate when she grabbed Mary’s arm. OP reached their breaking point and decided to walk out, taking Mary with them.

She Left the Reception

As a result, they missed around 70% of the reception, leaving Shirley without a maid of honor’s speech and without any babysitters.

Unfortunately, word got around, and some guests started speculating about what had happened. Mary felt terrible about leaving, and Shirley was not talking to them yet.

OP began to question if they had made the right decision in walking out and ruining Shirley’s special day. Although they were all very close, OP couldn’t stand to see Mary being treated poorly by someone she looked up to so much.

OP turned to Reddit, asking if they were the ones in the wrong for walking out and ruining Shirley’s wedding day.

What Redditors Said

Many Reddit users expressed their opinions that the bride, Shirley, was a bully and unreasonable. Some pointed out that it was unacceptable for Shirley to make bridesmaids change their hair color and lose weight.

Several users agreed that OP did the right thing by leaving the reception with Mary after Shirley grabbed her arm. Many users encouraged Mary to stand up for herself and seek therapy to work on her self-esteem and boundaries.

Overall, the majority of Reddit users concluded that OP was not the jerk and that Shirley’s behavior was unacceptable. Some users suggested that OP and Mary should distance themselves from Shirley, while others criticized the idea of a “bridezilla” and the expectations society places on brides to make their wedding day perfect.

What do you think? Was OP in the right or wrong here?

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