Her Stepfather Left His Money to Her, and Now Her Mother and Half-Brother Are Chasing Her for It

Her stepfather left his money to her, purposefully choosing not to leave anything to his wife and son. Now it’s her turn to choose who gets the money.

A Loving Stepfather

The Original Poster (OP) is a 25-year-old whose father passed away while she was very young, and when she was 5, her mom married her stepfather, Lee.

OP’s mother never had to work because Lee was wealthy, and OP had access to everything as a child.

But the only thing they never had was approval from Lee’s family—they were not happy that Lee married a widow with a child.

A Close Relationship

Lee and OP were close, and he looked after her even after the birth of her brother Sam.

OP shares that though her mother obviously liked Sam more than her, Lee loved both of them equally. But Sam and OP don’t get along very well.

Sam’s birth helped Lee’s family to warm up a little toward her mom, but OP was still regarded as an outsider. Sam was frequently invited to play at the homes of Lee’s family. 

She Was the Outsider

As OP grew older, she decided to attend university overseas. Lee provided enough money for her to not have to worry about finances.

During this time, OP spoke to her mother and brother only occasionally, while Lee was also the only one who routinely called or wrote to her.  After graduation, Lee wanted OP to come home, but she wanted to work and be independent for a while.

Due to the pandemic, OP was unable to fly back home.

When the lockdown was over, OP’s family came to visit her once and she said to them that she preferred to continue working where she was.

She Remained Close With Her Stepfather

Lee came to visit her a few more times by himself.

A few months ago, Lee passed away from a disease he never let anyone know he had. OP was heartbroken to hear the news.

In his will, he left his businesses, house, and most valuables to his relatives.

OP’s mom received two cars, jewelry, and cash of around $60K he has already given her, and Sam received $150K.

Things took a turn when OP learned that recently Lee found out that Sam isn’t his biological child.

He Left Her His Money

As a result, the rest of the money, a seven-figure sum, was left to OP. OP’s mother and Sam were angry and demanded that OP share the money with them.

Although OP got angry, she was willing to share the money. She offered to invest the money in a low-risk investment and split the gain with them.

However, they were not satisfied and demanded at least 25% each of what Lee left OP.

She argued that her mom and brother were not left destitute, and her mother had enough money to get her own place.

Sam could still go to a good university if he chose to further his education.

They Said She Was Greedy

But OP’s mother and Sam referred to OP as greedy and intended to file a lawsuit, but Lee’s family warned them that if they tried to annoy OP and go against Lee’s wishes, they may make OP’s mom and Sam’s lives very difficult.

OP asked Reddit whether she was wrong and many Redditors voiced their support for her.

One Reddit user said that though OP isn’t his biological daughter, she is the daughter he chose.

Another Redditor wrote, “The best way to honor Lee’s wishes is to let them have exactly what he wanted and no more. They aren’t entitled to what Lee plainly didn’t want them to have.”

A third Reddit user said to keep the money she inherited and do what she wants with it. The comment pointed out that OP should talk with a tax advisor before proceeding with her plan to split the gains from the investments and remember that because those investments will be in her name, she is likely the one to be liable for the taxes on those gains.

OP’s decision is understandable. It is also reasonable for her to be cautious about giving her mother and step-brother access to the money, as she is unsure if they would use it wisely.

So what are your thoughts? Did OP do the right thing by refusing to share the inheritance?

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